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If you want the best Facebook resource for recumbents in Texas (besides our own page, that is) you should get a membership in the closed group the Texas Recumbent Riders.  It is run by Jane Knight, an enthusiastic organizer and, amusingly enough, a disgruntled former Easy Street events coordinator, who will encourage you to shop anywhere but here.  I’m amazed I’m still allowed in this group, but my current events coordinator, who handles all ESR’s Facebook stuff, still has her membership requests ignored.  Sour grapes?  Sure, but Jane does a good job at building enthusiasm, and when she puts on an event it gets a good turnout.  She was the genius behind the H.O.T. Rally that we still put on.  It is worth your time to check out her stuff.  But keep shopping with us, please.

Another Facebook group Jane manages is Texas Bike and Trike Ride Reviews, a public group but it gets less traffic.  The original idea was for people to report on rides they went on, but it has drifted from that.  A more compelling use this group has found is for recumbent riders who are going on rides… either on a big organized ride or else just heading to a trail somewhere, to post in advance and scare up company.  We like this idea and hope to see it flourish.

You see this approach popping up on the local level now, organized people who’ve been in Jane’s orbit for a while…

We’ll add to this list as we learn more…

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