Contact us!  It’s gets really dull around here if no one does.

Store hours, 11AM to 6PM, Thursday through Monday, closed Tuesday and WednesdayClick here for holiday closures.

Sales and Showroom
512-453-0438 reaches the showroom and is the best number to call for directions, questions about products and services, or the status of your order.  This phone does not get text messages.  If you want to communicate in writing then Email the Sales Manager.

Events and Outreach
512-789-4118 reaches our Minister of Culture and is the best number to call for information about events.  You won’t get much help in how to tune your shifter, but if you are driving around this park in Waco and cannot find the promised ESR Event, that phone is probably there, so call for directions.  This phone number does get text messages.  You can also email the Minister of Culture.

No dice.  The boss is too cheap to get a fax line. Scan it and email it. Nobody except the Veterans Administration ever wants to send us faxes anyway.

Send us feedback
Email here to bypass operational staff and reach the owner.  If you were pleased with the service you received from us then we’d be thrilled to hear what we did right.  If you have complaints then we need to hear about the problems to fix them.  The beatings will continue until morale improves.

We do have a Facebook page at and you can contact us through Facebook, however we’d rather you contacted us by email since we watch that more closely. If you want the fastest assistance the best thing is to call us, but email is best if you need some numbers quoted.

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