Here are detailed instructions to find our well-hidden shop.  You can also look at our Contact page to reach us directly for advice on how to find us.  Keep our phone number handy in case you get lost and we’ll help you find us.
GPS users:  Putting in our GPS coordinates 30.3236N 97.72555W will get you right to our door.  Just putting 5555 N. Lamar in your GPS will get you to the ATM machine out by the bus stop, leaving you sad and lonely.
Note 1:  We are at 55-55 N. Lamar, not 5-5-5 N. Lamar.  We’re not at the corner of 6th & Lamar, that corner with the hellishly gridlocked traffic.
Note 2:  There is no direct access to 5555 N. Lamar off of Koenig Lane. You must turn onto either Lamar or Guadalupe to enter to property.

5555 N Lamar Blvd, C105, Austin, TX 78751

Click here to get turn-by-turn directions from your location.

When in doubt, call us at 512-453-0438.
Tell us where you are or what you see around you and we’ll get you to us.

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Here is a bit of fun.  You can tramp around our showroom without even showing up.


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