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2019 Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally
March 1-3, 2019  in Keller, Texas

Here is the latest rally news.  See more info below.

The Laidback Bike Report is coming to The HOT!

So, this just in ... Gary Solomon and crew from the Laidback Bike Report are going to be at the HOT and we are EXCITED!  The Laidback Bike Report puts together a monthly program followed by many in the recumbent community.  As they describe it, "a monthly live video...

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The Texas Trike Shootout

The newest event at Easy Street's Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally is the Texas Trike Shootout.  I expect this event to be exclusive to the 2019 rally. Back in the 1990's when ESR got started, the #1 recumbent news source was Recumbent Cyclist News, and editor Bob...

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Mike says:

Join us for three days of fun activities, rides, talks, product demos, food and silliness, all on, around, and about recumbent trikes and bikes.

For the first time, we’re going to have this event at our new north Texas store, since I want to celebrate and show you the new operation that I’ve got Micah running here.

I’ll grant that holding this event just north of Fort Worth doesn’t put us in the “Heart of Texas,” but we’re keeping the name anyway.  I’d briefly considered calling this the “Somewhere North Of Temple” Recumbent Rally, but Rebecca shot that down pretty quickly.  Some things about marketing I suppose I’ll never grasp.

Rebecca says:

And, yes, Mike, that’s why you hired me. So …

Oh YAY!  Another chance to party with lots of recumbent riders!  (Attendance is limited to 100, so register SOON!)

Register online here at BikeReg.com.

Come help us celebrate our new shop in Keller with this first north Texas HOT Rally.  Since 2010, the HOT Rally has brought together the recumbent community for a weekend of recumbent-riding fun.  Come socialize with old friends, make new friends, ride, learn stuff, participate in recumbent rodeo events or just watch.  There may be a dose of silliness thrown in for good measure.  We’ll get you to sign a waiver about that.

Look over our event schedule here.

If you have ideas about subjects you’d like to have covered in the workshops, let us know.  Mike, the Big Kahuna himself, is working away on providing the complete experience of past HOT’s here on this website, but it’s a big job.  Curious?  Google around, you will find plenty of videos and photos to give you, the uninitiated, a taste of what to expect.

And, be sure to check out all our event sponsors who are helping make this happen.  We thank them and our volunteers for their contributions. So, register and join us for this celebration of recumbent riding and the community around it.  See you there!

Micah says:

Even though I’m a little terrified at the thought of 100 people all coming to my shop at once, I’m going to spend the weekend telling you all about my favorite recumbent tech, and showing you why I like it so much.  So hold onto your helmets because we’re going to make your trike unstoppable!

Ron says:

What?  You mean that Mike will be out of the Austin shop all weekend?  Alright!  Now I can get stuff done.

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