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2019 HOT Rally Schedule

For the first time in the history of the universe, this event will take place in Keller, Texas, at Easy Street’s North Texas shop, 2041 Rufe Snow Dr. #101, Keller, 76248.

Friday, March 1st

  • 12PM-4PM: Sign in, pick up your event packets and goodie bags
  • 12PM-4PM:  Laid-back Social.  Explore local trails originating at ESR and visit with other arriving guests.
  • 12PM-4PM:  Qualifying time trials for the Texas Trike Shootout
  • Go check into your hotel somewhere in there.
  • 4PM onward:  Happy Hour Meet ‘n’ Greet and weekend orientation.  Dinner from the Greasy Street grill, with pot luck appetizers and sides.

Saturday, March 2nd

  • 9AM-11:30AM, Morning Trail Ride, location to be determined
  • 10AM – 3PM, Vendor expo
  • 12PM – 3PM, Recumbent University, lunch included
  • 3PM-6PM:  Rodeo, featuring the Recumbent Style Parade, Texas-style Chicken Roping, and the Texas Trike Shootout
  • 7PM – Dinner out (separate checks), with charity Raffle benefiting BikeDFW

Sunday, March 3rd

  • 10AM – 12PM:  Sunday Community Rides, leaving from Somewhere
  • 12:30 – 2PM:  Post-ride snacks and Farewell commotion by the Chicken



Rides during the 2019 Rally

We do plan on riding our trikes and bikes some during this event.  We’ll have three opportunities to ride together:

  • Friday:  During the Laid Back Social at the shop we’ll have some unstructured time.  Feel free to trot about by taking the Red Carpet Trail from our parking lot to the Little Bear Creek Trail, and ride east on it to connect to the John Barfield Trail and the eventually the Cotton Belt Trail.  You can ride these as far as North Richland Hills to the west and Grapevine to the east, but be sure to come back in time for the Happy Hour and orientation starting at 4PM.
  • Saturday:  We are coordinating with R-BENT, the Dallas area recumbent riding club, about a ride that will meet up in the morning.  Location to be determined.  You’ll get back in time to get in on the vendor expo, ‘Bent U, and the Rodeo.
  • Sunday:  Our community rides will finish off the event.  We’ll be exploring the huge Trinity River Trail system in and about Fort Worth.  Community rides are sorted by your level of peppiness, from longer and faster rides to shorter and slower ones.

Meals at the Rally

  • Friday:  Bring a pot luck appetizer or side for the dinner on Friday night.  Greasy Street staff and volunteers will grill up your main course.  We’ll enjoy all that as we have our orientation and introductions.
  • Saturday:  We will supply lunch during ‘Bent U.  After we finish the rodeo we’ll have dinner out (location to be determined) and our raffle.  This dinner is not included in your rally registration.
  • Sunday:  We will provide snacks after the Community Rides.


this year’s raffle will benefit BikeDFW, the bicycle advocacy association for the DFW metroplex.  These folks were big help in getting us situated in the new north Texas store, so we’re going to give some back.

Raffle prizes that we have accumulated so far:

  • (I’ll start this list soon!)


We’ll have three events in this year’s rodeo

The Recumbent Style Parade squarely takes aim at the misconception that recumbent riders are somehow unconventional or peculiar people.  Participants will decorate themselves and their trikes, showing that we can be slaves to fashion just as much as anyone else.  With a celebrity judge and a popular vote from the crowd, participants will compete for trophies for “Fabulously Fashionable” and “Wild, Weird, and Wonderful.”

Contestants can dress up in costume, but your trike or bike must be decorated as well, not just you, to qualify.




Texas-style Chicken Roping aims to capture everything that is great about the spirit of Texas.  That means tricycles and chickens.

For three minutes, one trike rider, called the Cowboy, chases another trike rider, called the Chicken, around a defined circular area.  Neither the Chicken nor the Cowboy can leave this area.  The Cowboy attempts to throw a bicycle tire over the Chicken’s head.  A third player, called the Clown, keeps spare tires on hand to give to the Cowboy.  The Cowboy gets one point for every tire thrown over the Chicken.  At the end of the three minutes we add up the points and then switch Cowboys.  The Cowboy who got the most points is declared the winner.

This also gives us an opportunity to make lots of chicken noises, and to play some country music.

Some footage of this event and its perils can be seen here:  https://www.facebook.com/HOTRecumbentRally/videos/937669613090248/

Style-conscious people that we are, we plan to upgrade the chicken costume for 2019.




The Texas Trike Shootout will pit two high-zoot racing trikes against each other.  The ICE VTX has been the choice for trike racing for years, but now it is being challenged by Bacchetta Bicycles’ entry into the trike market with the all-carbon CT 2.0.  Which is the fastest?  We’ll see!  Rally participants will race these trikes with support from ICE and Bacchetta crews in a series of frantic out-and-back races at the rodeo.  To participate, contestants will need to qualify on Friday, so let us know if you intend to race.

texas trike shootout

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