The main source for industry news on recumbents is BentRider, or BentRider Online (“BROL”).  This is both a blog about new products, developments, and events in the recumbent industry, reviews of new products, as well as a large, lively forum of recumbent riders.  In fact it is several forums, covering all sort of topics.

We don’t need to say very much about it having given you the link.  Check it out, get a membership login and join in the conversation.  While Easy Street is a good place to get your questions answered, if you want to speak with your peers about where you put the cleats on your cycling shoes then there is no better place to get feedback.  It is a huge rabbit hole of info and opinions.

Another significant national-level resource is Recumbent Cycle-Con, an annual trade and consumer show.  An expo like this probably doesn’t belong in the “media” section, since this is real people, real bikes, and a test track you can ride on, but it is a product of Coyne Publications, who produce a print rag called Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine.  RCC takes place in the fall.  It moves from place to place.

At the risk of impugning someone’s honor, I will make a point about publications that focus on reviewing products.  If they are supported primarily by their advertisers then you need to take what they say with a grain of salt.  I’ve known a couple of manufacturers who felt their lukewarm reviews in some publications came, in part at least, from their unwillingness to let the editor keep and sell the vehicle used in the test.  Sometimes this bias is glaringly obvious, where the review is so full of superlatives that you wonder if the writer isn’t being paid to write ad copy.  I got started into recumbents from a European magazine called Bike Culture Quarterly (this Dutch website is the best link I could find to this defunct magazine, and more of it is in English than first appears).  BCQ had a strict no ads policy and a steep cover price, but it was unfettered in its honesty and objectivity.  Doomed from the start, to be sure, but they cranked out a few years of amazingly diverse coverage.

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