You are probably coming in US290, westbound.  290 is tricky, like lots of Austin streets.  As you get into Austin and near IH-35, keep to the leftmost lanes.  You will see a sign saying that westbound 290 traffic should exit, but don’t do it.  Keep left, LEFT, as you approach IH-35 since really want to exit onto RM 2222, which becomes Koenig (KAY-nig) Lane and goes to the shop.  Taking the 290 exit puts you on this terrifying flyover that deposits you a mile to the south on IH-35, probably into a huge traffic jam.  This won’t Make your Cycling Easy.  Keep left and look for signs for RM 2222, which will appear after the 290 exit.  Am I making myself clear?

If you are coming from the southeast, you are probably coming in on US 71.  You can use SH 130 (toll) to come up to 290 and bypass a lot of Austin traffic, driving stupid-fast in the process.  Or you can poke up IH-35 with the masses.  If you are coming up IH-35, check out our instructions about coming from the south for more details about this famously hellish stretch of public infrastructure.  If you are on IH-35, after exit 234 near downtown, you can, but don’t have to, take the express lanes by keeping right.  Exit at either Airport Blvd, exit 237A, or at Koenig Lane/2222, exit 238.  GPS devices usually route people up Airport, but the Koenig route is simpler… your first light on the feeder is eastbound Koenig, and the second, which you want, is westbound.  Turn there, and go straight at the intersection with Airport (right two lanes).

You will go over the railroad tracks, through the light at Avenue F, and then turn left on Guadalupe.  Make an immediate right into 5555 N. Lamar, or if necessary your second right.  If you make your third right you’ll run into our friends at Monkey Wrench Bikes, who will gladly give you directions.

If you like to get turn-by-turn directions, click on the map at the top of this page to go to Google Maps.  Expand the Side Panel (if necessary) and click “Directions”  Put in your starting location and our location.  Google Maps will recognize our GPS location, 30.3236N 97.72555W, and will route you through the business park to our door.

When in doubt, call us at 512-453-0438.  We are used to helping people find the shop.  If you are lost in the business park we’ll ask you what businesses you see.  If our van is parked near the shop you will have an easy time spotting that.

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