You are probably coming up IH-35, but those coming from the SSW can take US 281 in and hit US 290 out west of Austin.  See our info on coming in from the west if you do that.

This local’s sneaky way through traffic on northbound IH-35

Coming up IH-35, the short of it is that you’ll exit at 238 and turn left on Koenig.  On your way, after exit 234, you can, but don’t have to, take the express lanes by keeping right. Either will be fine.  GPS usually routes people to exit at Airport Blvd, 237A, and if so we’ll leave you to it.

Now, dear customer, IH-35 going through Austin is usually Hell.  If it is bad, you’ll see it piling up just before Riverside Dr., just south of the river and downtown.  Here is some sneaky advice if you have a navigator to help you.  Skip this if you have more patience and don’t mind wading through traffic…. Exit at Woodland, exit 232B, and keep to the middle lane (leftmost thru lane) at the light at Woodland.  Keep to that lane.  Stay on the feeder road, which will be slow but less aggravating than a gridlocked expressway.  Immediately after the light at 6th Street, get back on IH-35, but keep to the rightmost lane and exit immediately.  This little trick will get you past the lights at 11th and 12th St., which gridlock in heavy traffic.  As you exit, keep out of the left-turn only lane (it isn’t hard).  You will sit at the light at 15th St., but then merge back left and take the ramp back onto IH-35.  This long entry ramp will put you on the upper “express” level of IH-35.

Exit at either Airport Blvd, exit 237A, or at Koenig Lane/2222, exit 238.  GPS devices usually route people up Airport, but the Koenig route is simpler… keep to the left lane on the feed road after your exit.  Your first light on the feeder is eastbound Koenig, and the second, which you want, is westbound.  Turn left there, and go down to the intersection with Airport (right two lanes).  These two lanes merge into one after Airport (right merges into left).

Pass the light at Avenue F then turn left at Guadalupe. As soon as you are on Guadalupe, make an immediate right into 5555 N. Lamar, or if necessary your second right.  If you make your third right you’ll run into our friends at Monkey Wrench Bikes, who will gladly give you directions.

But if you are rich enough to shop here then you might as well pick up SH 130 (toll) south of town at exit 223A and drive stupid-fast all the way to US290, where you’ll follow our directions from the east.  Another bypass is to take US 71 east at exit 231 and then take US 183 north, keeping right on 183 after crossing the river to pick up Airport Blvd. and drive through picturesque slums, across IH-35 and up to Koenig lane just a mile east of the shop.

If you like to get turn-by-turn directions, click on the map at the top of this page to go to Google Maps.  Expand the Side Panel (if necessary) and click “Directions”  Put in your starting location and our location.  Google Maps will recognize our GPS location, 30.3236N 97.72555W, and will route you through the business park to our door.

When in doubt, call us at 512-453-0438.  We are used to helping people find the shop.  If you are lost in the business park we’ll ask you what businesses you see.  If our van is parked near the shop you will have an easy time spotting that.

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