Repair work costs $80 an hour.  See below.

Many common repair jobs have standard rates that we can quote, but there are many variables to how long work will take, particularly the condition of your bike.  Oddball designs that we’ve never worked on, or haven’t worked on in 10 years, will take longer, but unlike those lily-livered mechanics at other shops we will work on whatever you bring in, even if it is huge, or was built in the Soviet Union.

  • Expedited labor (we drop everything and do it while you wait) costs 50% extra unless you have scheduled an appointment (meaning we don’t have to drop everything).  So a $20 job would cost you $30.
  • Warranty labor, fixing a manufacturer’s defect, is done at a 50% rebate. While it isn’t our fault that a manufacturer’s part fails, we still feel for you.  So a $20 job would cost you $10, unless you need it expedited, which puts it back at $20.
  • Gratuity labor, such as the free check over mentioned in the next section, is at a 100% discount.  So a $50 check over would cost you nothing, unless you need it expedited, which would cost you $25.
  • Make-ready labor on a newly bought trike or bike is expedited so we can get you on your way home, but it is billed as warranty work at 50% off.  So a $10 computer installation would cost you $5 when done at the time the bike is purchased.

I hope you were taking notes, as there will be a quiz at the end of class.

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