After a lot of hand-wringing and brow-knitting I’ve decided to not do the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally in 2018.  I’ve several reasons for this.  We’ve been doing them steadily for 7 years now, and even a good thing requires a breather.  This gives us more time think up fresh ideas for it.  Also, I’ve got Rebecca working on a busy events calendar for the winter and into spring.  I haven’t had this level of support in planning events before and it is nice to see my calendar filled like it is, but it does no good to overload her.  This new “Glamping” idea is one I’d like to put through the paces.  Lastly, I’ve got some big projects that I need to focus on for the shop’s overall benefit, so I’m putting aside this annual rally project for this year.  Enough dithering on the matter.  Ain’t gonna be no HOT for 2018, so there.

Apologies to all who were looking forward to it.  Stay tuned for fun, trikey events coming from ESR, where We Make Cycling Sneezy, or something like that.

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