So our funding campaign clanks on, with me, the great communicator at the helm.


The bad news is that we’ve had only so much response from my customer base.  Even with the offer of 110% credit very few are looking ahead to purchases they might make in the future.  I’m sure I can be doing a better job of promotion, and on that note I’m going to thank those who have contributed.  Many have asked me to expand this shop, but few have stepped up (right at the start) to support.  But there is still time, and you can still invest now through December 15th.  You can even bypass Indiegogo and contribute directly, saving me a few precious bucks.  That won’t reflect in our campaign progress numbers, but that brings us to the other thing:

The good news, on the other hand, is that it doesn’t matter if anyone else contributes.  The shop expansion has funded and is moving forward thanks to other financing efforts.  Once we put Thanksgiving behind us I’ll get to work on the lease, the permitting, and the contractors.  Micah will start determining what inventory will be on hand and Rebecca will start planning a major ‘bent event for DFW.  Meanwhile, back in Austin, Laurie continues training to fill in Micah’s carbon-soled shoes.

I will still be honoring the 110% credit return offer, even if it isn’t explicitly needed, so buy in if you wish.  I like the idea of carrying a mandate from my clientele.  Micah is at work up in DFW contacting the local cycling community, and I’ll be furthering that effort.  We’re here for you, and we’re out to hit the ground running.

See you in Fort Worth!

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