All I can say is … we could not have asked for a better inaugural Glamping event!  In fact, when I questioned one of our Glampers on Sat. evening if she and her husband had been having fun, she replied, “Oh, this is way beyond fun!”  That sure made me happy.  And, whether or not you choose to read the rest of this blog post, make sure you get guest perspectives by taking a look on Facebook and reading Gay Bradford’s visitor post, comments posted by various other glampers, and looking through the album of photos.

With this being our very first “Glamping” (“Glamor” + “Camping” for the uninitiated) adventure that Easy Street has ever hosted, needless to say, we were on pins and needles from the very start.  Would there be enough people to sign up?  Did we choose the right location?  Had we planned the right number of activities?  etc. etc.  And, of course, the first weekend of November was pushing it in terms of what we could expect weather-wise, but I simply could not resist the idea of scheduling it to coincide with the full moon.  And, it all worked … Thank the Lord and pass the mashed potatoes!

Kerrville-Schreiner Park in Kerrville, TX was just a great place for our first such event.  The setting was beautiful and we were lucky enough to have the fall color just beginning to show up.  The paved roadways in the Park, along with the beautiful 4-mile paved trail along the Guadalupe River connecting the Park and Kerrville, gave those who were not interested in off-road biking plenty of opportunity to ride anyway.

The off-road trails were easy enough to encourage riders new to this style of riding to get out there and experience what it’s like, and yet they were not so challenging that we had to worry about losing riders along the way due to death or injury … bad for advertising and selling the experience to future customers

And, Sunday morning a small group of intrepid adventurers rode a lovely country road out on the north side of town.  Though they missed our fabulous flapjacks, sounds like they enjoyed themselves immensely.





The ride into Kerrville for dinner at Mamacita‘s on Friday evening was a great way to start the weekend,especially on the way back under that full moon I mentioned.  I was a little disappointed we did not get a private room for the sake of making announcements and going over some riding tips for the next day, but the restaurant was all set up for us and, despite our large group, the service was excellent, the food was very good, generously portioned, and reasonably priced,  and the restaurant provided quite a lively and entertaining setting.  And — they helped us celebrate Fernando’s birthday which was important!  Riding at night was a new experience for some, but with lights, the full moon, and great company with everyone watching out for each other, it was lovely.  And, there was a fountain display with rotating colored lights which we would never even have noticed during the day.

I have to mention here the hospitality of Adam and Lisa, owners of Hill Country Bicycle Works, locations in Kerrville and Fredericksburg.  They allowed us to stuff all of our ‘bents into their shop while we dined at Mamacita’s.  (There was no safe bike parking at the restaurant.)  And, they made friendly and interesting companions at dinner as well.  In fact, a fellow had wandered into the Hill Country Bicycle Works earlier on Friday looking for recumbents.  They encouraged him to come back in the evening with the promise that there was going to be a bunch of us showing up … and he did, along with his wife.  They had a great time, he bought a used ‘bent Mike had brought along, he provided an internet connection to Mike on Sunday for his appearance on the Laidback Bike Report, and, on top of all that, he turned out to be a fellow model rocket enthusiast so he and Mike talked model rockets as well.  I love to experience serendipity!

Easy Street provided breakfast Saturday and Sunday, lunch-fixings on Saturday, and the main course for a potluck dinner Saturday night.  There was PLENTY OF FOOD.  I will have to admit that buying food for group meals is challenging.  With the word “glamor” involved as part of our promised experience, I simply could not stand the idea of running out of food — and we certainly did not!  And, turns out our glampers were gifted cooks as well; sure enjoyed tasting the various dishes they contributed.





There were many pleasures to the weekend, planned and unplanned, from “Okie Golf” [you can ask me later!] provided by the Bradford’s to free massages by Fernando who set up Saturday afternoon in the Dining Room.  There were experienced riders helping inexperienced riders.  There were new friends made, future outings planned, and everyone pitching in to help as needed. THANKS EVERYONE!   We will do it again.  Cheers!





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