basso-gs… then if you are reading this you are probably mature enough to race in either the Dallas or College Station Senior Games.

The reason I bring this up is because Bacchetta Bikes has gotten a wild hair to support athletes racing Bacchettas in the Senior Games.  Currently, only the Dallas games (cycling event in mid-March) and College Station games (late February) allow recumbents, being less benighted than their state- and national-level comrades.  Do you own a Bacchetta?  Willing to break a little sweat on one?  Here is the deal:

If you compete in a Texas senior games event this spring (2019), then Bacchetta and Easy Street will make it worth your while.  Download and complete the form below and submit it to Bacchetta with proof that you competed.  One of two things will happen:

  1. If you plan to race on your current bike or trike, then Bacchetta Bikes will give you 10% off the purchase of a new Bacchetta from Easy Street (including the new Pelso).  And, upon purchase of a new Bacchetta, Easy Street will give you a shop credit equal to 10% of the value of your new bike for upgrades, accessories, spare parts, and service after the sale.
  2. If you buy a new Bacchetta from Easy Street to use at the games this spring, once you have raced then Bacchetta will send you a 10% refund on the bike.  Easy Street will offer a 10% credit.

But you have to race this spring.  If you have any questions about this, call me, Mike, at 512-453-0438.

Click here for information about the Dallas Games
Click here for information about the College Station Games
Click here to download the rebate form
Click here to ask Mike a question

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