‘Bent Event?

“Recumbent” means to lay back.  ‘Bent is shorthand for recumbent, referring to the style of trike or bike that lets the rider lean back.  ‘Bents have been around since the 1930’s, but since they aren’t allowed in the usual bicycle races, very few people know about them. Those who do know about them are hooked. Not only are they more comfortable, they have many safety advantages as well.

Easy Street, the oldest recumbent trike and bike specialist in Texas (since 1996) will host their 2020 ‘Bent Event at their store in Keller at 2041 Rufe Snow Dr. #101 on March 21st from 9AM to 5PM.  For more information, call Mike at 512-789-4118.

What can you expect at the ‘Bent Event?
  • Lots of recumbents to try.  But then you can come by the shop any day and find lots of recumbents.  But this day we’ll also have stock from the Austin shop, new models coming in for spring, and….
  • Lots of recumbent riders.  Our salespeople are very nice.  But if you come to the ‘Bent Event you’ll meet a lot of recumbent enthusiasts with their personal rides. Talk to people like yourself, our recumbent community, not just the salespeople.  See an even wider assortment of models than we keep in the store.
  • Recumbent industry people.  Get insights from recumbent trike industry guests.
  • Join us for a ride.  You can always test ride on the beautiful John Barfield Trail, that connects right up to our shop.  Our community will be playing all day, and we invite you to take a ride.
  • Community ride Sunday morning.  Join us the following morning with your own bike as we ride out to breakfast.  We’ll have two rides: 11 miles out and back to Grapevine, and 7 miles out and back to NRH.  Both rides are primarily on trails, minimally on neighborhood streets on a quiet Sunday morning.
  • Deals!  Look for closeouts to 2019 stock.  Mike the owner will be there, and he might be in an agreeable mood to make some deals with local buyers.
Who rides recumbents?

Easy Street has been selling recumbents longer than anyone in Texas.  There are a few main types of customers whom we meet:

  1. Never much of a cyclist but wants to ride.  Lots of people never like the hunched up position of upright bikes, and never got comfortable with balancing one.  But there is this beautiful trail by their house.  Their kids or spouse or friends ride.  They want to enjoy cycling, but they don’t want to deal with that bicycle.  These people are a silent majority, and they often buy casual trikes.
  2. Love cycling, falling out of love with that bicycle.  Many customers are committed cyclists who love the activity and the sport, but for some reason no longer get along with the traditional upright bike.  Often it is an injury or a disease.  To keep doing what they love they need to re-think their ride.  These people often buy fast bikes, fast trikes, or sport-touring bikes
  3. Love cycling, but not the balancing.  The committed cyclist who isn’t getting any younger and is more concerned about falls.  These folks tend to get fast trikes or sport-touring trikes
  4. Wounded warriors.  Easy Street has partnered with the Veterans Administration to provide trikes for wounded soldiers.  These hard-chargers aren’t planning to let injuries keep them from fitness goals.  These people also get fast trikes or sport-touring trikes.
  5. Wise beyond their years.  This is often a younger crowd with an interest in long-distance cycling.  Riding such as ultra-marathon, self-supported touring, century rides, or charity rides, would all be better on a more comfortable and safe bike. Some people just have enough sense to see that.  These whippersnappers get sport-touring bikes, sport-touring trikes, or fast bikes.
  6. I wish my (spouse/parent/kid/friend) rode with me.  Some customers are perfectly happy with their regular bicycle, but they know and love someone whom they’d like to bring along.  Often these friends or family are from type (1) above.  We usually set these folks up with sport-touring trikes.
  7. All the other non-conformists. Recumbent riders are a laid-back crowd who don’t have a lot to prove to anyone.  This makes for a pretty nice clientele.  We’ve got ‘bents for all kinds of riders on our main products page.

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