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Cootie alert!


The short of it is that we are still here to help you in whatever way we normally would.  We’ll just have some constraints, but we’ll all live with it.

Keller Showroom/Mobile phone/text: 817-846-8903
Austin Showroom phone:  512-453-0438
Austin Mobile phone/text:  512-789-4118

Both Austin and Keller’s shops will be staffed during regular shop hours, but expect the doors to be locked.  Call the showroom phone when you arrive.  We will offer curbside service during regular shop hours and if necessary by appointment.

You may call or email the shops and expect the same rate of response.  Additionally, you may call the Keller shop outside of shop hours and get some kind of response from Micah, except on Sundays.  You can also call the Austin shop at its cell number any day, and Mike will make an effort to get back to you.

For repairs, let us know you are outside and we’ll come get your ride.  Please clean it with alcohol.  If that isn’t possible, let us know.  Staff will wash up and come collect the goods.  We’ll make a similar sort of hand-off when you pick it up.  We can still handle all forms of payment.  Credit cards over the phone carry higher fees for us, but we’ll take payment that way if you wish.

We can also offer delivery and pick up for a fee.  Generally runs with the van start at $50, but talk to us and we’ll see what we can do and when.

For information and problems, by all means just call on the phone to discuss.  If you wish to inspect certain models of recumbent we can show you stuff outside, but we’ll be discreet out of necessity.

Be aware that Micah is the sole operational staff at the Keller shop.  If he cannot it make it to work then the shop would be closed, though he may still be available by phone.  Ron will primarily staff the Austin shop.  Mike will likely work from home unless needed in the workshop.  So if Ron says “Mike’s at home today” then don’t assume the worst.

As above, we are here for you, even if the circumstances complicate things.  Call us and we will work out how to help you.

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