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Announcing the 2019 HOT Recumbent Rally
March 1-3 in Keller, Texas

Make Great New ‘Bent Friends…
Hang-Out With ‘Bent Celebrities…
Explore Gorgeous Trails & Paths…
Laugh Yourself Silly…
Enjoy the Best Weekend You’ve Had in Years!

— Only 100  Attendees Allowed —

Are you interested in recumbents?  Well,

This is Mike Librik (also known as Trike Mike) from Easy Street Recumbents; with stores in Austin and Fort Worth.

I wanted to personally invite you to our special event for recumbent enthusiasts or anyone, cyclist, non-cyclist, upright cyclist, or whatever.

It’s called the “Heart of Texas” (HOT for short) Recumbent Rally this March 1-3.

Look, I know you are probably busy…

And I understand that getting out to a fun event may seem like a hassle (or maybe just the obvious choice)

But none of that will matter once you get the inside scoop of what the HOT Rally is really all about!

Give me just a few minutes and I will prove it to you

Trike Mike’s Top 3 Reasons You Would be Nuts to Miss Out On The 2019 “Heart of Texas” Recumbent Rally

Let me get to the point

So I’ll get to the point on why you “Need” to be at this event:

Trike Mike’s Reason #1: Ride with an Amazing Tribe

Do you ever look at your ‘bent and think “I really wish I had someone to ride with,” and end up not riding at all?  Or have you ever wondered about recumbent cycling and wanted to meet people who ride those cool bikes and trikes.

Don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there.

I tell new recumbent owners all the time “You aren’t an oddball on a funny bicycle.  You are part of a community of oddballs on funny bicycles.” Sharing a crazy passion with other like-minded folks is what this thing is all about. It’s the juice in the fruit, so to say.

Being a ‘bent owner with no tribe can be lonely and disheartening.  But all of that can come to an end if you show up at this year’s HOT Rally.

Each year, 100+ ‘bent enthusiasts just like you and I leave their homes (some even come from other countries) and make their journey to the HOT Rally because THEY also want to make new friends and share their passion for Recumbent riding.

You might want to meet some of them.

Recumbent University

People meet at our yearly events and quickly form

  • lifelong friendships
  • touring buddies
  • riding buddies
  • And develop as riders themselves

And you will too!

But you gotta show up!

When ‘bent owners sit at home and don’t meet new people to ride with, they don’t ride. They lose muscle tone… they get depressed… their tires get soft and their chain gets rusty!

When you come to our yearly HOT Rally, you are instantly welcomed into a very warm, passionate – very accepting community of like-minded people. No one at our HOT Rally is off in a corner by themselves…

They are part of the Family!

We had a couple who met a bunch of folks here and now, as a group,  they ride, tour and go on thrilling adventures together. Their whole life was enriched by the people they met here.  They all bought houses in Florida together beside a bike trail.  I’m not kidding.

But you gotta show up!

Heard Enough? Ready to Sign-up and Join the Friends, Fun, and Festivities?

Click Here (Only 100 Attendees Allowed)

Trike Mike’s Reason #2: A Proven Event History That People Love (Meet Recumbent Celebrities and Industry Pros)

The HOT Rally isn’t some experiment that we just threw together.


Our first event goes back to 2010.  As I said earlier, people actually come from other countries just to attend our HOT Rally events.

The HOT Rally has become an important event for the recumbent community. They look forward to it. They plan their vacations around being here.

It MATTERS to them!

The HOT Rally is also a rare opportunity for Recumbent lovers to visit with industry professionals, celebrities and insiders. And, this year, many Recumbent ‘Household Names’ have said “We’re there, Mike!”;

  • Chris Parker, owner of ICE in England,
  • the Laidback Bike Report offered to come and broadcast from the event
  • Pat Franz, owner of TerraCycle (maker of recumbent bike parts and accessories)
  • Mark Swanson, of Bacchetta
  • Mattheijs Shutte, of Catrike
  • And… Your Name here, hopefully 🙂

These are people with busy lives, things to do, businesses to run…

And yet, they are making time to come here – simply because our events are FUN & EXCITING!

The HOT Rally is a Recumbent Cultural event.

We are building a tradition here, folks.

A tradition we would love for YOU to be a part of!

But you gotta show up!

Heard Enough? Ready to Sign-up and Join the Friends, Fun, and Festivities?

Click Here (Only 100 Attendees Allowed)

Trike Mike’s Reason #3: There are SO Many Fun Activities to Enjoy (Recumbent Rodeo is a Must See!)

Our HOT Rally events are structured and organized so that you will have plenty of “play time” as well as time to meet new friends, socializes and experience all we have to offer.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our super fun activities you will enjoy:

  • Laid-back Social: Start at our local shop and explore local trails with your new friends
  • Happy Hour Meet-n-Greet with potluck hors-d’oeuvres
  • Invite your new friends out to dinner
  • Morning Rides: leave our Easy Street shop and explore our own Red Carpet Trail, down to John Barfield and Cotton Belt trails. You can ride these as far as North Richland Hills to the west and Grapevine to the east.  Faster riders can take a longer ride on the streets of Keller with a knowledgeable local guide. But be sure to come back in time the workshops!
  • An informative “Vendor Expo” where you can rub elbows with industry pros and recumbent celebrities, and see the latest in Recumbent bikes, parts and more
  • Attend our Recumbent University where you will be provided lunch while you view/participate in presentations on Basic ‘Bent Maint and Repair, Pat Franz of TerraCycle will present on all the cool stuff with which you can outfit your ‘bent, Chris Parker of ICE will have stories to tell, and more…
  • Community Rides on the humongo Trinity River Trail System all around Fort Worth

There will also be an exciting (and hilarious) Recumbent Rodeo.

There will be 3 fantastic events in the rodeo this year:

HOT Rally Rodeo Event #1: Recumbent Style Parade

The Style Parade takes aim at the misconception that recumbent riders are somehow unconventional or peculiar people.

Participants will decorate themselves and their trikes, showing that we can be slaves to fashion just as much as anyone else.

With a celebrity judge and a popular vote from the crowd, participants will compete for trophies for “Fabulously Fashionable” and “Wild, Weird, and Wonderful”!

HOT Rally Rodeo Event #2:  Texas-style Chicken Roping

This hilarious event aims to capture everything that is great about the spirit of Texas! That means tricycles and chickens!

For three minutes, one trike rider, called the Cowboy, chases another trike rider, called the Chicken, around a defined circular area. Neither the Chicken or the Cowboy can leave this area. The Cowboy attempts to throw a bicycle tire over the Chicken’s head (Don’t worry, it’s a lightweight tire)

A third player, called the Clown, keeps spare tires on hand to give to the Cowboy. The Cowboy gets one point for every tire thrown over the Chicken.

At the end of the three minutes we add up the points and then switch Cowboys. The Cowboy who has the most points is declared the winner.

This also gives us an opportunity to make lots of chicken noises and to play some country music.

HOT Rally Rodeo Event #3: Texas Trike Shootout

texas trike shootout

The Shootout will pit two high-zoot racing trikes against each other!

The ICE VTX has been the choice for trike racing for years, but now it is being challenged by Bacchetta Bicycles’ entry into the trike market with the all-carbon CT 2.0.

Which is the fastest?

We’ll see!

Rally participants will race these trikes with support from ICE and Bacchetta crews in a series of frantic out-and-back races at the rodeo.

To participate, contestants will need to qualify on Friday, so let us know if you intend to race.

GrEASY Street Grill Crew

After we finish the rodeo we’ll have GrEasy Street staff and volunteers grill up your dinner!

Also, something that is very close to our hearts here at Easy Street…Raffles.

This year’s raffle will benefit BikeDFW, the bicycle advocacy association for the DFW metroplex.

BikeDFW was a big help in getting Easy Street situated in the new North Texas store, so we’re going to give some back.

Raffle prizes that we have accumulated so far:

  • Catrike will provide a new Catrike Eola trike. Yowza! (See Raffle page for details)
  • Schwalbe will provide two sets of tires, winners’ choice
  • TerraTrike will provide two $300 gift certificates for TerraTrike accessories
  • Ventisit will provide two seat cushions, winner’s choice
  • SportCrafters will provide two Double Overdrive trike roller/indoor trainers
  • Shimano will provide a set of pedals and some great stuff for the Goodie Bags

Okay, let’s get you signed up for 2019’s HOT Rally

(Have Questions? Call 512-789-4118)

The 2019 HOT Rally event is destined to be our best yet!


The team and I want you to come…

There are so many thrilling things to do…

So many wonderful, open and fun new friends to meet and form lasting relationships with…

So many gorgeous Texan trails to explore with your new friends…

Food, music, all that good stuff…

Hours and hours of laughter and good times – the Texas way!

But you gotta show up!

You gotta signup and then just be here in Keller, Texas; March 1-3

Don’t miss this years event!  You can always go back home and be busy afterwards, if you want!

We can’t wait to meet you!

“Trike Mike” Librik
Easy Street Recumbents

Heard Enough? Ready to Sign-up and Join the Friends, Fun, and Festivities?

Click Here (Only 100 Attendees Allowed)

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