Trike and bike delivery

home-newsThe truth is that I’d still prefer you to come and test ride stuff here at the shop, and let us work with you getting it all kitted out.  But sometimes that just won’t work out.  Some people just hate to drive, and if you aren’t used to it Austin traffic can be overwhelming.  Sometimes you don’t have a suitable vehicle to transport what you are buying, or maybe you just don’t want to drive 4 hours in that beat up old pickup.  And we’ve got this spiffy van now.  And We want to Make Cycling Easy for you, so we’ll deliver.

What you get

We will deliver up to 300 miles from Austin, and we will give one free hour of time getting you fitted, riding with you to take you through your paces, and instructing you on features and maintenance.  We’ll spend additional time with you for $60 per hour, if needed.  We’ll consider traveling longer distances, but we’d be hitting you up for a motel room and a meal.

We can bring some parts and accessories for you to look at, and we can install them at our usual service rates.  Service work is not included in the 1 free hour.  Of course we can’t bring everything, and it would be best if you could be settled on just what you want before we hit the road.

If you don’t quite know what you want we can bring up to two additional trike or bike models.  See more about that below.

We can work out what schedule works best for you, but the farther we need to go then the more planning we’ll need.  Don’t expect next day service on a 200 mile run.  We need to consider our schedule as well.

What it costs

This depends on both distance and how much we are delivering.  These are introductory prices and may be revised once this program starts.

The basic formula is a $20 service fee plus $1 per outbound mile up to 200 miles.  We will reduce the mileage by 2% of the dollar value of your order.  So, a $3000 (before tax) order gets you 60 free miles.  If you live within 60 miles of Austin then you’ll pay the $20 service fee and that is all.  If you live 100 miles from us then you’ll pay $20 + $40 = $60 for the delivery.  That still gets you 1 hour of set up and practice time.

For distances from 201-300 miles, the miles over 200 are at $2 per mile.  Should we allow for a delivery over 300 miles you’ll pay the $2/mile cost and we’ll charge a $50 fee.

If you don’t quite know what you want we can bring up to two additional models, but there is a $50 fee per extra trike brought.  It will take more time for you to test out several models so you’ll probably have to pay extra fitting time.

How you pay

All delivery sales are paid for at our Austin shop.  Austin sales tax must apply to all orders unless you have a sales tax.  Contact us with your card info.  We will run your card for the delivery charges based off our calculation of distance.  We will retain your card info until the delivery is done in case there are additional charged for time or items added to your order.

Used Recumbents

Easy Street does not currently buy or sell used bikes.

In the past we have helped customers as brokers to sell used bikes, and we know something about how to do it.  If you have a used bike to sell, let us know and we can send you our used recumbent seller’s info sheet.

We can help with packing and shipping.  We will bill for time and do a good job.  We’ve often got the right boxes, but if we have to fabricate a box then we’ll need to bill for the time.  One problem we’ve seen is that often people are selling used bikes, while most of what we sell (and thus get boxes for) are trikes.  Long-wheelbase bikes require larger boxes, and we see the fewest of those shipped to us, so it is more likely we’ll need to build the box.

Packing bikes for safe transport is not easy work and only certain staff can do it.  It make take us longer to get a pack job done than more ordinary work, FYI.

Holiday closures

2021 Holidays:

  • New Year’s Day Friday, January 1st
  • Easter Sunday Sunday, April 4th
  • Independence Day Sunday, July 4th
  • Thanksgiving and International Buy Nothing Day Thursday, November 25th and Friday, Nov. 26th
  • Christmas and Annual Inventory Jubilee Friday, December 24th to Saturday, January 1st, 2022.  We’ll reopen on Sunday, January 2nd 2022

Sales tax exemptions

If you are handicapped and need a recumbent trike for rehabilitation purposes, you don’t have to pay sales tax on it.  However, we need a few things to do this:

  • You must be “legally” handicapped.  If you have the credentials to park a car in a handicapped space then that is a good indicator.
  • You need a prescription from a doctor or physician’s assistant.  We need to keep a copy of this script on file in case we are audited by the gummint.
  • You’ll need to fill out a form from the Texas Comptrollers office explaining where they can send their goons if they have any questions about this.

Ethically, we’ll only extend this tax break to items that directly address your rehabilitation needs.  The trike itself, any accessories that enable you to use it (changing brake and shift controls to one hand, stuff to hold your hands or feet on the trike, and so forth), and any parts and accessories that make it comfortable to use it (neck rest, seat modification, etc.) will be exempted.  Tire upgrades, lights, bags, and so forth, will not.  This is a gray area in the law and it isn’t like we have the Comptroller snooping around much, but we won’t take advantage of the system.

If you want to take a trike home today and are sure you can get the doctor’s prescription soon, go ahead and pay the sales tax on the understanding that you’ll be back with the script.  Return within 90 days and we’ll refund the tax to you.

In the continuing absence of sales tax fairness we are not required to collect sales tax from you when shipping out of state.  But we do need proof of shipping in case the man comes around asking questions.  Please don’t ask us to lie on your behalf to get you out of the sales tax by claiming we shipped it out of state.  We love you, dear customer, but not that much.

What we work on and what we don’t

Here are some hard facts:

We do not service gasoline-powered bicycles at all. If you remove all gasoline motor parts prior to bringing it in we can work on it.

We can work on electric assisted bikes, particularly brands of assist that we sell or are at least familiar with, but many of these involve proprietary parts that were never meant to be serviced.  If we didn’t sell it then you are probably better off talking to an electric bicycle specialist who would have more ideas about component compatibility.  If you bought that e-bike kit for half-nothing on Flea-Bay then we wish you luck.

Recumbents mainly use mountain bike parts, with some exceptions.  We rarely see STI-type road bike shifters, and rarely see Campagnolo components.  We don’t have experience with more sophisticated MTB forks.  So while we can work on “regular” upright bikes, you are probably better off taking high-end stuff to a “regular” bike shop.  We do have experience working on electronic shifting systems, especially when adapting them to recumbents.

We see lots of folding bikes because of the small wheels and our tire and tube selection that supports them.  We see lots of handcycles because these often require our level of inventiveness and ingenuity to work on.  We have the space and the facilities to service pedicabs and quadracycles.

There are plenty of cheap bikes out there, which are even cheaper bought used.  Just because it cost you half-nothing at a yard sales doesn’t mean all repairs to it will be cheap.  You can safely assume the opposite.  Grungy, rusty bikes are harder to work on.  Cheap bikes are harder to work on. If you are upset because the repair cost more than what you paid for that heap at a yard sale then you should have just bought another bike.

We’ve done rehabilitation jobs on old bikes and trikes, but you’d better have a strong sentimental connection to it to justify the expense.  Any time the mechanic has to figure out how to work on something, as opposed to it being  another cookbook brake adjustment on a Catrike, then you are getting into time, time, time that we have to bill for. This is why other bike shops turn down jobs. We may well do your work, but be ready to pay for it. Also, really odd jobs are more likely handled by the owner. Mike is fast once he is at his wrenches, but doesn’t always get to his wrenches too quickly. If this is problem then you can pay for expedited labor, but this quickly creates $500 repair bills, FYI.

If plan A doesn’t work and we fix your odd problem with plan B, you still have to pay for the time and non-reusable materials that went into plan A.  We don’t mean to be harsh, but if other shops have turned you away it means that it is tricky work requiring creativity and experimentation.  We’ve pull lots of rabbits from hats and fixed the unfixable, but that takes time, time, billable time.

Initial set up service

When you buy a bike from us, we charge you for the bike and we figure in the cost of getting the bike shipped to us. However we don’t charge you for the cost of the labor involved in building the bike, which is sometime a heckuva lot of work.  The short of it is you’ll pay the sticker price of the bike plus sales tax.

Make-ready work on a newly-purchased trike or bike is at a 50% discount.  This is priority work so you can get your new ride home, but it isn’t billed as priority work.

We will do one free check over on a new bike within the first 6 months of purchase.  Expedited service rates do apply to this, so if you need your free check over done right now it will cost something.

Labor rates

Repair work costs $80 an hour.  See below.

Many common repair jobs have standard rates that we can quote, but there are many variables to how long work will take, particularly the condition of your bike.  Oddball designs that we’ve never worked on, or haven’t worked on in 10 years, will take longer, but unlike those lily-livered mechanics at other shops we will work on whatever you bring in, even if it is huge, or was built in the Soviet Union.

  • Expedited labor (we drop everything and do it while you wait) costs 50% extra unless you have scheduled an appointment (meaning we don’t have to drop everything).  So a $20 job would cost you $30.
  • Warranty labor, fixing a manufacturer’s defect, is done at a 50% rebate. While it isn’t our fault that a manufacturer’s part fails, we still feel for you.  So a $20 job would cost you $10, unless you need it expedited, which puts it back at $20.
  • Gratuity labor, such as the free check over mentioned in the next section, is at a 100% discount.  So a $50 check over would cost you nothing, unless you need it expedited, which would cost you $25.
  • Make-ready labor on a newly bought trike or bike is expedited so we can get you on your way home, but it is billed as warranty work at 50% off.  So a $10 computer installation would cost you $5 when done at the time the bike is purchased.

I hope you were taking notes, as there will be a quiz at the end of class.

Special orders

We need 40% down on special orders, with the balance due upon receipt.

If you start a special order but then get poor and can’t pay it off, we’ll be understanding about it (it happens), but you won’t just get your deposit back. The following restrictions apply:

  1. You get your deposit back in store credit only.
  2. You get your store credit 30 days after you cancel your order. This gives us a chance to recoup some of the money we’ve spent getting the special order in.
  3. Should we choose to send your special ordered bike back to the manufacturer, they will probably charge us restocking fees, as well as freight charges. We will document these fees and reduce your credit accordingly.


Bikes and Trikes:
You may return a bicycle purchased from Easy Street for store credit within seven days of purchase.  Refunds are for store credit only.  Any worn or damaged parts must be replaced by the owner before refund.  Necessary repair work must be paid as well.

We reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee.  Real work goes into getting a bike ready, and it needs to be paid for somehow.

Parts and accessories:
P&A may be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase unless it has been damaged.  All parts of the accessory must be present.

Original packaging is required and must be in good condition. We must be able to verify that you purchased the item from us.

Payment types

  • We take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, checks, and good old untraceable cash.  We can take payment by PayPal.
  • We offer consumer financing through Synchrony Financial, offering 6-month, 12-month, and 18-month deferred interest financing, depending on the amount of the purchase.
  • We are a US Government vendor and can help disabled vets apply for a VA grant for a trike (the VA won’t buy two-wheelers).
  • Returned checks are subject to a $30 processing fee, ya’ll.

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