Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally

Mike says:

Join us March 1st through 3rd, 2019 in Keller, Texas for the Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally.  This is three days of fun activities, rides, talks, product demos, food and silliness, all on, around, and about recumbent trikes and bikes.

OK, I’ll grant that doing this event just north of Fort Worth doesn’t exactly put us in the Heart of Texas, but we’re sticking with the name anyway.  I’d briefly consider the “Somewhere North of Temple” Recumbent Rally, but Rebecca shot that down pretty quickly.

We’ve done this event in Austin since 2010, but took a break in 2018 amid all the work of getting our second location opened in the Fort Worth area.  I’d been spending the fall into winter scouting locations and dealing, usually unsuccessfully, with landlords, looking for something that met my standards.  Boy was that rough, and it didn’t stop until we were into March when I settled on our location in Keller.  Now I want to celebrate and show you the new operation that I’ve got Micah running here.

Rebecca says:

This event is limited to 100 participants, so don’t delay.  As usual, we’re doing registration for the event through BikeReg

Here are some details:

Micah says:

I’m going to tell you all about some of my favorite recumbent technology

Ron says:

We’ll be able to enjoy a weekend down here in Austin without Mike putting things away in strange places or otherwise acting like he’s still the only one working here.

We have laid the 2017 HOT to bed.  I think a great time was had by all — and nothing could make us happier!  If any of you still have photos or videos to share, please do so!  Post them, or send them to  Rebecca’s email address

In the meantime, save the dates for next year: 

FEBRUARY 23-25, 2018!!!

We have changed nothing else about this website at this time.  We have left all the 2017 information on here — just so new folks can get an idea of what all goes on at this event.

And, we will let you know when news about 2018 starts rolling in.

Who knows what we will dream up next!  Meanwhile, keep ridin’ and havin’ fun!

Easy Street Recumbents’ Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally & Rodeo has brought a community of bike and trike riders together since 2010. Over 100 participants each year enjoy a weekend of family fun including: the Laid Back Social, Recumbent University sessions,  a charity Raffle Drawing benefiting the National Stroke Assn.,  a Texas-style Rodeo with several events,  a variety of recreational rides for every fitness level, people eating food, and whatever else we can think up.

Bucking_trikeCredit: Kestrel Erickson

In cycling, recumbents mean diversity and inclusion.  Whoever you are, recumbent trikes and bikes give you access to the joys of cycling.  You don’t even have to balance it if you don’t want to.  Recumbents open up and invite you in.  Easy Street’s Heart of Texas Recumbent Rally celebrates this culture and invites you to join in.

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