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Fort Worth/Keller Store hours and location2041 Rufe Snow Dr #101

11AM to 6PM, Wednesday through Saturday, closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

2041 Rufe Snow Dr. Suite 101, Keller, TX 76248
(we face Tarrant Parkway, at the far end of the building from the Kroger store)

Shop phone:  817-846-8903

This is the best number to call for directions, questions about products and services, or the status of your order.  This phone does get text messages.  You can also Email the Fort Worth Sales Manager.

2041 Rufe Snow Dr., Keller, TX 76248

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When in doubt, call us at 817-846-8903.
Tell us where you are or what you see around you and we’ll get you to us.

Keller Shop Directions

Keller is a suburb north of Fort Worth.  The map above will help you find it.  Keep our phone number handy in case you get lost and we’ll help you find us.

We are on the north end of the Keller Place shopping center, facing Tarrant Parkway, at the very end of the building opposite the end with the big Kroger store.  Since we are unafraid of being peculiar, our main entrance is located in back.  Drive to the back parking lot, since we’ll start our test riding there, just outside the showroom doors.

GPS users:  Putting in our GPS coordinates 32.8978441N, 97.2374761W will get you right to our door.  Just putting 2041 Rufe Snow will get you to the parking lot but we might not be in sight.

Bicycle Trail access:  We have constructed a connection from the Keller Place parking lot, in back behind the Kroger, to the Little Bear Creek Trail.  This gives you a great place to test our trikes and bikes.  The LBC Trail changes in the John Barfield trail when it crosses the boundary into North Richland Hills.  If you come in on this trail, keep right as you enter the parking lot can continue straight down the loading docks to our shop at the far end.  Doesn’t that dumpster behind the Kroger smell good?

Having made the trip from Austin to the new location several times, we’ve got some opinion on how to do it.

Most people are looking at GPS or online maps nowadays, so often your optimal route will be suggested.  But if you don’t have a robot navigator I can offer some tips. 

If there is one downside to this location it is the relative distance from highways.  You’ll spend some time creeping along surface streets to reach us. 

Coming from the south, you’ll probably be on IH-35W.  You have a choice of taking SH 121 out of the “Mixmaster,” the giganto expressway intersection just east of downtown Fort Worth, or else continuing north on 35 up to IH-820.  It is usually quicker to go up to 820, drive over the terrifying flyover and take the first exit to get on US 377, aka “Denton Highway.”  Once you take that exit you’ll keep left to pass under Haltom Road to reach the Denton Highway intersection, but avoid the leftmost lane as that would take you back onto IH-820.  Once you have made your left onto Denton Highway the 10th traffic light you reach will be North Tarrant Parkway.  Make a right on that, and after the 3rd traffic light (Rufe Snow) you’ll turn right into our parking lot.  The shop faces North Tarrant, so we’ll be right there.

If you come up SH 121 instead you’ll merge onto IH-820 (as it comes from the south), so I’ll address that next.

Coming from the east you may be on any of zillions of expressways coming through the metroplex.  If you are on IH-20 or IH-30, you will likely end up coming up IH-820, going north.  Anyone who came up SH-121 (previous paragraph) will have merged onto this northbound IH-820.  Those folks will want to get over to the right lane pretty quickly, while those who have been on 820 longer will already be in the right lanes.  Exit for Davis Blvd (FM 1938).  Do not follow 820 farther to Rufe Snow Dr. as traffic on 820 often congests right after the Davis Blvd exit.  Despite its going a little out of the way, Davis is usually a better way up to North Tarrant Parkway than Rufe Snow is.  Take Davis to North Tarrant and turn left.  Speed drops to 35 mph once you enter Keller, an indication that you are about there.  You’ll pass the signal light at Highland Oaks Dr., and once the light at Rufe Snow comes into view use the left turn lane to turn into our parking lot.

If you are coming from the east but weren’t on IH-20 or IH-30 then you’ll likely be on SH-183.  You’ll see an exit for Davis Blvd and you’ll want to take it, then follow the advice above.

Coming from the northeast, you might end up on SH-114.  The most direct route to the shop takes you on a tour of pricey real estate in Colleyville.  While not as direct, it is simpler to take the immediately following exit to Southlake Blvd, then go left.  Southlake will change name to Keller Blvd, and amid a familiar sea of tree-lined parking lots you’ll make a left on Rufe Snow Dr.  You’ll come down on North Tarrant Parkway from the north, turn left on it, and then an immediate right into our parking lot.

Visitors coming from the west will find themselves on IH-820.  Once 820 passes IH-35W you should use the directions given in the “from the south” directions, above.

Those coming from the north will probably be on IH-35W.  Exit for North Tarrant Parkway (also Heritage Trace Parkway), drive a zillion miles down the feeder road, then turn left on North Tarrant.  You’ll poke up NTP until you pass Rufe Snow Dr, and then turn right into our parking lot. 

Some coming from the north-east may be on SH-114.  See our notes on that a few paragraphs up.

Driving in the DFW metroplex makes Austin look like Mayberry, FYI.


You can contact us through Facebook, however we’d rather you contacted us by email since we watch that more closely. If you want the fastest assistance the best thing is to call us, but email is best if you need some numbers quoted.

Events and Outreach
512-789-4118 reaches our Minister of Culture and is the best number to call for information about events.  You won’t get much help in how to tune your shifter, but if you are driving around this park in Waco and cannot find the promised ESR Event, that phone is probably there, so call for directions.  This phone number does get text messages.  You can also email the Minister of Culture.

No dice.  The boss is too cheap to get a fax line. Scan it and email it. Nobody except the Veterans Administration ever wants to send us faxes anyway.

Send us feedback
Email here to bypass operational staff and reach the owner.  If you were pleased with the service you received from us then we’d be thrilled to hear what we did right.  If you have complaints then we need to hear about the problems to fix them.  The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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