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2017 HOT Rally – Austin, TX

This year’s really was held Feb 25-26, 2017 in Austin, TX. Friday afternoon, attendees checked in at Easy Street Recumbents and enjoyed the Laid Back Social, then headed out to a excursion ride along nearby Walnut Creek Trail.

Saturday, four rides took off from Pflugerville’s Northeast Metropolitan Park. Each ride was organized by rider skill level and distance, with ride leaders guiding their groups along roads or trail pathways. Then, attendees met back at the  “GrEASY Street” Grill featuring Gary Bradfords “Easy-ritos.”

When everyone had their fill of delicious lunch, ‘Bent University info sessions got underway! Honza Galla of AZUB shared his adventures on the Sun Trip, using a solar-assisted trike to cross Europe and Asia. A panel of world-travelers interviewed by Dan Hansen taught us about how to plan, prepare, equip for and execute human-powered adventure. Then Mike Librik, Laurie Wicker and Patti Erickson hosted a series of technical clinics about how to spot and diagnose mechanical problems with bikes / trikes and perform common roadside repairs. The afternoon and evening were spent in smaller groups at happy hours and restaurants across Austin.

2017 Recumbent University

Amazing Parade and Rodeo Trophies!

Sunday kicked off with a parade of costumed riders competing for Fabulously Fashionable and Wild, Weird and Wonderful awards. Between the parade and rodeo, attendees perused the booths of Frankenbike, set up in the adjacent parking lot. The rodeo featured some classic events (Pole Bending and Out & Back Speed Race) and a new event, the Chicken Roping contest! Chicken Roping involved contestants chasing a three-wheeled chicken costumed Mike Librik while attempting to ring toss inner-tubes onto the chicken’s head! Rodeo clowns restocked contestants with tubes and distracted the chicken where necessary. It was hilariously entertaining,

The raffle this year raised a whopping $695 benefiting the National Stroke Association. About 20 attendees went home with raffle prizes ranging from lights and water bottles to flags and tune-up coupons. It was a fantastic weekend of fun and friends. Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors, and supporters who made the 2017 HOT Rally a wild success!

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