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The Bacchetta CT2.0 is a no-compromise all carbon fiber racing trike from the recumbent company that lives for speed and elegant design.

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A few years ago I got a phone call from Mark, the new owner at Bacchetta Bicycles.  For years, Bacchetta has been our supplier for aerodynamic racing and sport touring bikes.  As new blood at the company, Mark was pinging his dealers to learn what they wanted from Bacchetta.  The answer was obvious, as recumbent trikes were penetrating more of the market.  But I told him it needed to be something novel, something unique.  At Easy Street we don’t try to carry everything in the recumbent world.  If it was re-hash then it wouldn’t have a place here.  Late in 2018 we got word of the Bacchetta CT2.0.  Unsurprisingly, it was something fast.

An established design with new thinking

This is a new refinement of a Swedish designed all-carbon racing trike.  It had raced on the European HPV circuit in Europe for some years, but had not penetrated into the US market.  Some enthusiasts with money and time, willing to pay to ship one in had one.  But it wasn’t ready for specialty shops like ours.  We knew of some sexy looking Euro trikes from England and Italy as well.  We know of lots of nifty stuff that just doesn’t make it into the shop without real dealer support.  That has changed.

Bacchetta did a lot of work to prepare this bike for the US market.  It went through rigorous consumer product testing and new iterations of design refinement under Bacchetta’s guidance.  So they call it the Carbon Trike 2.0, reflecting its evolution from the original Swedish Carbon Trike.

Prior to the arrival of the Bacchetta CT2.0, the one real race-quality recumbent that you could buy “off the rack” was the ICE VTX.  The Catrike 700 was no slouch, and is still preferred for ultra-marathon riding.  But we made a point of setting up time trials between the VTX and the CT2.0 and, well, they came out dead even.  (Totaling the times between 15 riders on each trike we got about a 1/16 of second difference.)  For the moment that seems to favor ICE since the VTX costs a bit less.  Neither design is completely new, but I expect there is more low-hanging fruit to be found in improving the CT2.0.  So we’ll try that again when the CT3.0 comes along.  Granted, Bacchetta usually gives their product such lovely names I hope they can do better than CT3.0!


The CT2.0 has a one-piece carbon frame with an adjustable boom.  It features hydraulic disk brakes and tubeless Schwalbe One Pro tires standard.  A Ventisit cushion, usually an upgrade on most models, comes standard.  A handy cargo hatch is built in under the seat, perfect for a water bladder.  The length of the seat back easily adjusts to fit your lumbar curve.  Despite its low aero profile and indirect steering it has more ground clearance than you’d expect.  It makes it down our ramp and over the speed bumps near the shop with no embarrassing problems.  You will probably want the neck rest.

The Bacchetta CT2.0 is available in natural carbon with either red or blue accents.

Fast trikes are not for everyone, and it takes some commitment to keep them in stock.  Depending on how many we can afford to keep, this trike may not be at all shops, so call ahead if you want to try it.

Our price:  $5995. 

Bacchetta says:

The next generation of recumbent trikes from Bacchetta that is not only the lightest and fastest production recumbent trike in the world but an “object of beauty”. The Carbon Trike 2.0 is a true Real World Performance machine born from a collaboration between Bacchetta and Carbon Trikes.

The CT2.0 offers a full carbon monocoque frame with integrated storage; adjustable seat back; Ackerman steering, self-centering with a 19′ turning circle.

See more information about Bacchetta bikes and trikes here

Boring technical specs follow, along with our interesting comments

FrameFull Carbon Monocoque w/Internal Storage. 28 Degree Seat Angle. - The frame is a complex, 1-piece affair ("monocoque") with an adjustable boom for leg length. The seat recline angle is fixed, but it does curve up at the top. The seat length adjusts for your torso length
IdlerAlligt 68mm w/Aluminum Drive Teeth - This is the wheelie dealie that guides the chain under the frame. Alligt is better known as a European maker of velomobiles, but clearly their idlers are worth bragging about.
SeatIntegrated Carbon w/Vertical Seat Back Adjust- Also comes with the nifty Ventisit cushion.
HandlebarBCT Custom Aluminum - A yoke shaped indirect steering handlebar.
StemBacchetta 3-Piece Adjustable - A rigid riser with no fore/aft adjustment. This gives a more solid feel and saves weight. Reach can be adjusted by switching parts or retrofitting a B-pivot riser.
Rear DerailerShimano XT 11 speed, RD-M8000-SGS (extra long cage) - For super wide range rear derailer shifting.
Front DerailerMicroshift FD-R58-B with 31,8mm clamp, black - A brand you've never heard of, but a good quality, long lasting front derailer.
ShiftersMicroShift BS-M11 11x2 speed for Shimano DynaSys - Shimano compatible bar end shifters.
CranksetSRAM Force 22, GXP, 50-34T 170mm - A modern style road bike crankset, good but not over-the-top fancy.
Bottom BracketSRAM Force, GXP, BSA68 - A modern design of BB, ready for a pounding
HeadsetTange Seiki 1 1/8"- Lightweight Japanese road bike parts.
CassetteMicroshift, CS-G113, 11-42 tooth - A wide range, good quality freehub cassette.
Front BrakesTektro M521 Gemini SL Hydraulic, black - A "mirror image" brake set designed for trikes. Hydraulic brakes are more trouble for us to set up but less fiddly in the long run. They are also lighter than mechanical, cable-actuated disk brakes. As with most trikes, each brake lever stops a single front wheel.
Rear BrakeNone - Trikes typically don't have a rear brake.
Brake LeversTektro Gemini SL Hydraulic (with parking brake band included) - Brake levers paired with the calipers. Custom rubber straps are used to lock the levers for parking and dismounting. Remember not to leave hydraulic brakes locked for extended periods of time.
Front Wheel406 BCT Lightweight Disc, Tubeless Ready - Specialized front hubs. The wheel removal procedure is not as simple as it seems. The rims are designed for tubeless tire applications
Rear Wheel700c BCT Lightweight Disc, Tubeless Ready - Ditto
Front Tire406 Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless, 28c - A top of the line racing tire.
Rear Tire700c Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless, 28c
ChainKMC X11 11 Speed - Good quality 11-speed chain.
PedalsNone - Once you get to this level of performance everyone expects that you already have some set of titanium things that you probably take to bed with you.
BB Height14 1/4" - High pedals, low seat, the miles you eat and wind you cheat
Seat Height7 3/4" - Handy for picking up loose change off the street.
Wheelbase47” - This is the distance between the rear wheel hub and the line between the front wheel hubs.
Weight27 lbs w/out Pedals - This is the lightest trike you are going to find
Weight Limit275 lbs. (Rider and Gear Make Up Total Weight Limit) - Much easier to hit this range with your wallet so empty.
Gear Range21-120 gi - Geared for speed.
ColorMatte Black w/Clear Coat- Red or Blue Stripe/Decal Option - That's right, you get a choice.
X Seam37" - 48" - See our guide on how to measure your ex-seam.
Overall Width29" - If you are wider than this you will not fit into these overalls! But seriously folks, this tells you if you need to widen the doors in your house for indoor cruising about
Overall Height27" - If you are taller than this you... I probably can't push that joke much further. This assumes the most extended seat length and no neckrest.
Overall Length65" to 76" - Depending on your leg length. If there isn't this much space in the garage then the riding mower will have to go into the dining room.
Turning Circle19 feet - Not as tight as the VTX, but surprisingly tighter than the Catrike 700.
Track Width27.5" - This is the width between the centers of the front tires
Ground Clearance3" - If your little brother's head is bigger than this the don't drive over it.


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