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The TerraTrike Rambler All Road is a simple and affordable all-terrain trike.  You can also upgrade any Rambler or Rover to All Road wheels.

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terratrike rambler all-road

This All Road is being driven by a photographer who doesn’t quite know how to use their gears.

If you want an affordable all-terrain 3-wheeler, check out the Rambler All Road package. It is available with the X24 component package, or we can custom build it with a rugged N380 continuously variable transmission. We can also upgrade an existing Rambler or Rover to All Road wheels.

The name “All Road” is apt for this trike.  Without suspension it won’t quite keep up with other off-road trikes like the ICE Full Fat, but it doesn’t really care if there is any pavement or not.  Fire roads, woodland trails, or that driveway you’ve been meaning to gravel for the past 26 years are all no problem.

We will take this opportunity to point out some concerns about large front wheels on trikes.  First of all, like any high-sitting casual trike, there is a greater chance of rolling it over the higher you make the seat.  This is not for carving fast turns.  Trikes also follow the irregularities of terrain differently from bikes, and you may need to actively move your upper body to keep enough mass between the wheels.  Also, trike front wheels take a lot of sideways force that a leaning bicycle wheels don’t.  The double-walled rims on the All Road wheels helps here, but you run a higher risk of “taco-ing” a wheel with this design.  It isn’t like we’re seeing an epidemic of problems, but you need to know the scope of possibilities and ride accordingly.

terratrike rambler all-roadOur price:  $2199 for the Rambler All Road x24, $2599 for Rambler All Road n380, $399 plus labor to convert a standard Rambler x24 to All Road

TerraTrike says:  

Ready to get off the beaten path?

The new Rambler All Road will take you anywhere you want to go! We’ve taken the All Road package and made it stock on this trike. The combination of heavy duty 24″ rims and the aggressive tread pattern of Schwalbe Black Jack tires make the All Road ready for just about anything! Get ready to tear down dirt and gravel roads, or get off the beaten path. The Rambler All Road is perfect for off-roading, camping, gravel riding and more.

The All Road option is also still available as a standalone package that can be added to any existing externally geared Rambler.

Boring technical specs from TerraTrike follow, with our interesting comments


Who it fits, where it fits

  • Frame Material – 4130 Chromoly Steel
    the best steel for bike frames, strong and comparatively light
  • Steering System – Direct
    a simpler and easier to maintain steering design
  • Seat Type – 6061 T6 Aluminium Frame With Breathable Mesh
    TT’s highly versatile seat, especially good for upright seat positions.
  • Seat Adjustment – 6″ Fore/Aft 40-70 Degree Recline
    a good range of seat adjustment on the frame and in recline
  • Boom Type – Adjustable Boom
    The boom is the fore end of the frame.  Both boom and seat adjust, making this trike highly adjustable for many fitting options
  • Wheelbase Length – 45″
    the shorter this is the tighter it turns
  • Overall Length (medium) – 74″
    most like 70″ – 78″, depending on boom length adjustment
  • Track Width – 30.5″
    distance between the centers of the front tires
  • Overall Width – 34.5″
    how wide of a door you can get it through, but we can show you how to finagle it through a narrower one.
  • Bottom Bracket Height – 15″
    this is the height of crankset, or the pedaling assembly
  • Seat Height – 17.5″
    the distance between your patootie and the street
  • Total Weight (lbs.) – 41.5(x24), 43.5(n380)
  • Combined Load Limit (lbs.) – 300
  • Turning Dimensions – 9′ 11″ Diameter
    That is pretty darn tight







Component Group for our showroom model

what parts you’ll find installed

  • Drive System – Derailer
    a typical pairing of front and rear derailers, easily upgraded or modified
  • Number of Speeds (Stock) – 24
    In practice we’d take this to be about 10 usable gears, shifting over the 8-speed cassette while in the middle chainring and shifting to the inner or outer chainring once the rear derailer was at min or max. 
  • Gear Inch Range – 24 – 114
    On the high side for this application, but it comes of taking a trike with a 20″ rear wheel and putting a larger wheel on.  We can easily pull the low gear down lower.
  • Pedals Type – Standard Platform w/ Comfort Straps included
    Comfort Straps are stirrups that hold your heel.  You will want some sort of foot retention on a trike.
  • Crankset/Rings – Truvativ Touro Triple 170mm 30/42/52t
    three sprockets on the front
  • Bottom Bracket – RPM Sealed Square Taper
    this is a part that consumers rarely ever think about
  • Chain Type – KMC Z72 8 Speed
  • Front Derailleur – Microshift Triple
    a brand you’ve never heard of
  • Rear Derailleur – MicroShift 8 Sp
    it works
  • Cassette Size – SRAM PG-830 11-30 8 Speed
    8 cogs in the back, not a really wide range by our standards, but functional.  SRAM is a bike components maker, not something in your computer.
  • Shifters Set – Microshift Trigger
    trigger shifters modeled after Shimano’s Rapidfire line
  • Brake Levers – Promax Linear Pull, Locking
    This is a cool set of levers with a parking brake built in.  They come as a set so you can lock both your front wheel brakes.
  • Brake Set – Alhonga Mechanical
    a brand you’ve never heard of, but it does the job
  • Wheel Set – TerraTrike Black Double Wall
    Double wall rims are stronger than single wall.
  • Tires/Size – Schwalbe Black Jack 24 X 1.90
    your basic knobby tire

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