TerraTrike Rambler EVO


A factory equipped, ready to ride electric assisted TerraTrike Rambler with a high quality Bosch motor.

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Bosch EVO protraitThe Rambler E.V.O. (Electric Vehicle Option) is a TerraTrike Rambler with TerraTrike’s “Boost Kit,” a special frame piece (the “boom”) with a Bosch electric motor installed.  The EVO comes in a limited edition frame color specific to the EVO.  We can put a Boost Kit on just about any TerraTrike that you want.  But if you want to come in and drive an electric TerraTrike off the lot today then the Rambler EVO is ready to go.

If you want, we can electrify any TerraTrike.  We’ve also put Boost Kits on TT Travelers and Gran Tourismos.  A Boost Kit for the Rover will be availalbe soon.  The new TT Maverick can mount a Boost Kit as well.  We cannot put it on the older TT models like the Tour, or on the Tandem Pro.  If you ride one of these models then ask us about your options.

The Bosch motor system works by “pedal assist.”  You set the assist level and then just go.  You don’t mess with a throttle.  You still mess with your gear shifter, but otherwise you just pedal.

TerraTrike originally stocked the EVO with a Falco brand hub motor with a yellow frame.  After a few problems and parts recall, TT switched to the Bosch system, using a green frame.  The Bosch EVO costs $1000 more than the Falco EVO, but you get what you pay for.  While it is nice to be able to offer a great price on the older Falco EVO’s, we are much happier selling a more reliable system. We sold the last of the Falco EVO’s in the summer of 2019.

Our price:  $4495 for the TerraTrike EVO Rambler with Bosch motor

TerraTrike says: 

Bosch motorIntroducing the Electric Assist TerraTrike!

The TerraTrike Rambler Electric Vehicle Option (E.V.O.) is ready to provide whatever level of assistance you want, whenever you need it! Feel the intuitive power help you climb hills with ease, maintain your pace on longer rides, and increase your range all in the name of comfort!

The Rambler E.V.O. is not intended to be just an electric trike; but rather an extension of your journey while still getting all of the benefits of trike riding.

The Rambler E.V.O. is simple to ride and loads of fun! You turn on the battery and ride away! With a generous range, you will have nearly limitless potential. The lithium-ion battery can be charged overnight with the included “smart” charger. Simply plug the charger into a nearby outlet, or the battery can be easily removed from its case for charging in a different location. The charger is “smart” and will not overcharge the battery, so you will always be ready for your next adventure!

Bosch batteryTerraTrike’s latest Electric Vehicle Option, the Bosch Rambler E.V.O., is powered by the award winning Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery. With a whisper quiet motor and a deceptive amount of power on tap, this system is wickedly fun. Go from the “all-day ride” Eco mode to an exhilarating Turbo mode with a few clicks of a button. Having this control and all of your ride information at your fingertips with an included console creates an experience without limitations.

EVO riderAdd in how lightweight the Bosch mid-drive unit is and the strategically placed frame mounted battery.  You’ll find the trike is so well balanced you’ll forget it’s even there. The Bosch Rambler E.V.O. was designed with premium features packed into a tried-and-true platform.  It can drift into the background and you can simply enjoy the ride.

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