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Do you want to try out a recumbent trike on your own turf before buying?  We can help.

We have a growing fleet of rental trikes, which so far includes

roverTerraTrike Rover N330: $40 half day, $80 per full day. Every third consecutive day is $40
TerraTrike Rambler N380: $50 half day, $100 per full day. Every third consecutive day is $50
terratrike rambler all-roadTerraTrike All-Road: $50 half day, $100 per full day. Every third consecutive day is $50
Carriers, locks, bags and other stuff is available for rent

Click on any of the rental trikes above to go to its reservation page.

Here is how it works.  We have a pretty low-tech system at this time.

  • Go to the page of the trike you want to rent
  • Check the calendar and make sure we’ll have it available when you need it
  • Place your reservation on the calendar.
  • Call us, or else we’ll call you once we see your reservation
  • We’ll take your credit card info and consider your trike reserved.  We won’t consider the trike reserved until we’ve taken your card info.
  • On your pick up day, come in and we’ll fit you on the trike.  We will pre-authorize your card for the value of the trike.  This doesn’t charge your card, but it reserves space on your card for us to charge it to you should you forget to return it.  Make sure you have space on that card.
  • When you return the trike at the scheduled time, we’ll charge you for the rental and release the pre-authorization on your card.  It may take a couple of days for your bank to release the pre-authorization, so keep this in mind if you we’re planning some other big purchase.
  • If you need to extend your rental time, contact us as soon as possible.  We will charge a late fee if you don’t return the trike on schedule.

Here are some special cases to be aware of

  • If you reserve a trike and don’t come to pick it up, we have the right to charge you for that day’s rental.  We might have to turn away other renters because of your reservation.  Don’t reserve unless you know you can make it.
  • If you cannot bring the trike back on time then let us know early.  If you are no call/no show on a return we can only suppose the worst, and you will be charged a higher price for the excess time.
  • If you suspect that you caused any damage to the trike then let us know.  We’ll have to charge you for the repair, but if we find unreported damage we will charge a fee.  Please, be up front about any possible damage.


  • We charge 5% of the retail value of the trike per day, or 2.5% for a half-day rental (if the trike is picked up and returned on the same day).
  • Every third full day is half price.
  • This is a standard rate for bicycle rentals, but since recumbents are often more expensive than rental clunkers you can expect the daily rate to be more expensive.  Prices are subject to change, as always.
  • You will receive 50% of your rental cost as credit toward a new trike purchase made within the next 60 days.
  • You are welcome to purchase a trike from our rental fleet, but we don’t offer them at a discount unless we are switching to a new one, which should be rare.  You’d might as well buy a similar trike from our stock, or else place an order for a customized one.

Ideal rental duration

  • This service is designed primarily for prospective buyers and short term rentals.  We think three days is enough time to get the feel of trike, both riding it and recovering from hard riding afterward.  Your best deals are three-day rentals or half-day afternoon rentals.
  • We aren’t encouraging long rental times as we like to have these available for others.  You can certainly rent it for as long as you like, but there are no price breaks for long rentals besides the recurring third-day discount.



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