TerraTrike Rover N330 Rental

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The TerraTrike Rover N330 is the easy to use trike for everyone, big or small. Read more about it here.

  • Half-day rental: $40
  • 24 hour rental: $80
  • 3rd day 24 hour rental: $40
  • Late fee, per day: $160

Check the calendar below to see if you days you want are available. You reservation will not be firm until we get payment information from you, so please call 512-453-0438 once you’ve placed your reservation here.

For a half-day rental select just one day (pick up and return on the same day), for 24 hour rentals select the day you want to pick up the trike and all days up to when you plan to return it. If all of this is too confusing then just call us at 512-453-0438

Remember that the shop is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as well as a few holidays. You can rent a trike on those days but cannot start or end a rental on those days.

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