Jump on the growing trend that is friendly to injuries, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, and more!


When you’re nursing chronic injuries–or just dealing with the wear and tear that comes from a body that’s aging–your options for staying physically healthy seem to dwindle. 

And this makes staying fit feel impossible. It may even feel like you’re a prisoner in an alien body that won’t do what you know it used to in what feels like a past life in a galaxy far far away.

Honestly, it seems the only options when you’ve got ongoing injuries are boring, embarrassing, or both.

Basically, you either go to the gym or you work out at home. 

And let’s be really frank: going to the gym is boring and embarrassing.

You get on shared equipment that you *hope* has been sanitized. 

You either…

  • stare at a wall
  • stare at other gym members (many of them young and in great shape, so you hope they aren’t staring back and watching you use equipment with less finesse than they do)
  • or you stare at a TV you have no control over.

Hopefully, while this happens, your pesky injury won’t flare up and give you trouble. 

Then you pray that the torture will be over as fast as possible. You just have to reach that time or calories-burned mark.

When it’s over, you’re elated. You’ve checked off the obligation to “get active” and now you can get the heck out of dodge… 

And then a few days later, the cycle repeats. 

If you decide to work out at home, that means you either buy your own equipment (which hopefully will get used after that hefty investment) or use workout videos… all by yourself. 

It’s hard to stay motivated and almost as boring as going to a gym. Plus you can still overdo it and hurt yourself again! 

Remember Playing in the Sun With Your Friends?


Remember when staying in shape meant going outside and having a good time with friends? It didn’t feel like a “work out”… it felt like having fun and playing around!

Or, maybe you were a competitive and/or endurance athlete. You loved the feeling of pushing your limits just to see how far you could go on the open road, or to play against worthy peers who trained as hard as you did. 

One thing is for sure: the gym and home workouts are nothing like playing a casual game with your friends or running a marathon. 

But then your injury happened. 

Whether it’s from our modern desk-bound day-to-day lives that weakens our backs, foreshortens the leg muscles, and gives us carpal tunnel from over using our arms and wrists… 

Or an unfortunate accident you couldn’t control and didn’t see coming… 

Or from the wear and tear of being a (happy) competitive athlete for years…

The result is still the same: the mobility and freedom of a healthy body feels like a distant dream. 

Becoming a couch potato who slowly spreads out into an undesirable sad loaf of a human being is more tempting as the days go by. 

BUT it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You don’t have to forfeit your physical health in defeat. You can regain and rehabilitate your mobility. And you can do it without destroying your joints, without worsening your injuries, and with low impact overall on your body.

The good news: there IS a fun way to stay in shape, get out on the open road, join a great community and make friends, go further than you EVER thought possible without a car, and have a ton of fun!

What is this Mysterious Fitness Solution? 

Before I tell you what it is, let me give you a few quick facts about this incredible and fun fitness solution. 

  1. It is designed to save your lower back, hips, knees… even your arms and wrists!
  2. But it will still give you nearly the same benefits and work nearly the same muscles as it’s better known and more commonly used cousin.
  3. And you will be able to go longer distances with this incredible device, than the more commonly used cousin. 
  4. There are options for everyone that range from luxury recreational styles, to light and portable speed demons, to rugged set-ups that can conquer mountainous terrains. 
  5. You probably only know this device in a stationary state at the gym (ew) or the physical therapist (even worse)… But that wasn’t what it was originally designed for! 
  6. Believe it or not, this eclectic device has incredible speed records!
  7. It can come with 2 wheels… or 3 wheels. 

Maybe you’ve guessed it by now… but in our experience, most people have NO idea what this nifty piece of equipment is!

Enter: The Recumbent tricycle!

Okay, so it looks a little goofy. We’ll admit that. It’s a lot like a bicycle, but even better! 

Hear us out! Recumbents are the real heroes of the biking world, and we can prove it to you!

Speed, Distance, and Style 

You may think that a standard diamond frame bicycle could beat the pants off a goofy looking recumbent… but you’d be wrong! 

Recumbents actually set a speed record in 1933 that got them banned from official bike races for many years! Because they are lower to the ground, recumbents are more aerodynamic than diamond frame bikes. Recumbents are fast off the line and stop on a dime.

Because of how the recumbent trike is designed (which we get into in more detail in a minute), there is less wear and tear on your body. This also means that your endurance can stretch longer because you aren’t getting tired like you would if you were hunched over a diamond frame bike. Go longer and farther than you have ever thought possible!

And as for style… which do you think looks cooler at the end of a biking session? Being hunched over a stand-up bike because as you grew tired your back started to ache and your hands became claws from grasping the handles… Or sitting back relaxed and able to see everything that you pass by in a comfortable and back-supporting bucket seat?

Oh yeah, we forgot that part. When you use a diamond frame bike, your line of vision is limited because of how you have to sit on the bike. But with a recumbent trike you have a clear line of vision ahead of you and on each side. Which means that while you cruise around in your comfortable bucket seat, you can catch all the sites and enjoy the fresh air. 

Save Your Back… and Your Rump

The biggest problem with normal diamond-frame upright bicycles is that it puts a lot of wear and tear on the body. Recumbents were designed to not only be high-performance machines, but also to maximize your body’s comfort and ease. 

First, there is a difference in seat design. 

Diamond frame bikes have a seat called a saddle, which the rider has to sit upright on. This puts most of the rider’s weight on the sitting bones and pubic area. Countless traditional bicyclists will be the first to tell you about being saddle sore (and some have even more concerning stress-injuries that occur to the genitals from this seat style). 

Bosch batteryRecumbent frames have a seat that is large and distributes the weight through the entire lower pelvis, rather than directly on the pubic area of the body. It also does not ride snuggly up between the legs of the rider to chafe the inner thighs. 

On top of that, the saddle seat of a diamond frame puts enormous pressure on the lower back and abdominals of the rider. If you have back and/or abdominal strain or injuries, a diamond frame bike has a high chance of inflaming them–especially on long rides. This is not only painful, but it depletes your energy rapidly, meaning your endurance will suffer. 

Recumbents are designed so that the rider sits with their back resting against the seat. And because you aren’t riding the trike upright, it doesn’t put pressure on you to constantly engage your abdominal muscles.

Now, you may be thinking that this will put a lot of pressure on your hips and legs. Not anymore than a normal diamond frame bike! Bikes are prescribed by trainers and physical therapists because they are so low-impact on the hip, leg, and ankle joints. The only reason someone becomes injured on a bike is if they push past their limits and get a repetitive strain injury, or they hyper-extend a muscle or joint (which is usually due to a poorly fitted bike). 

EVO riderLastly, because you aren’t hunched over the trike frame, and instead are leaning back in a comfortable sitting position, your chest is more open. Which means you will naturally breath deeper and easier while using a recumbent trike, than you would with an upright diamond-frame bike.

Overall, recumbent trikes are incredibly easy on the back, your sitz bone and pubic area, and your hip, leg, and ankle joints. 

Oh yeah… and did we mention that you get nearly the same health benefits as riding an upright bike? Almost the same muscles in your butt, legs, and thighs are utilized while riding a recumbent trike, but with less chance of injury and strain. You also get the incredible heart health and weight loss/management benefits while riding a recumbent trike. 

But as if this weren’t enough already…

Avoid the Dreaded Claw Syndrome

You’ve probably never considered that a normal upright bike can stress your arm muscles and wrist joints… unless you’ve been an endurance biker. 

Upright bikes are designed so that your arms are held out for a prolonged period of time in front of you. They not only work to steer your bike, but to also carry some of your weight to balance the bike in an upright position. 

As a result, your arms will often become tense from being engaged, and it puts a lot of pressure on your wrists and hands. 

Countless endurance bikers tell stories of how their hands were virtually stuck in a claw-like position after biking a course… Sore, stiff, and even puffy from inflammation. Yikes!

You can avoid the dreaded claw syndrome and carpal tunnel, and enjoy a fantastic ride that is great for your heart, builds muscles, burns calories, and is incredibly fun to ride around in when you choose a recumbent trike! 

Because recumbent trikes don’t force you into a hunched upright position, there is no need to use your arms for anything more than steering. Which means there is no weight pressure on your arms or wrists, no matter which type of steering option you like. 

That’s right, there are steering options! We won’t go into all the technical details. If you’re curious, the best option is to get to a recumbent seller and try one of the trikes out! 

Improved Road Safety 

One of the biggest questions we get about recumbents is if they are really safe to ride on the road? 

And the answer is yes! 

terratrike rambler evo riderFirst of all, while a recumbent is lower to the ground, it has a greater presence when seen.  Flags are common, as are powerful visibility lights. Plus, they’re much harder to miss than an upright bike because people aren’t used to seeing such a unique machine!

Secondly, because of the design of the recumbent, you’re much less likely to fall off. Most people opt for a tricycle designed recumbent, because it doesn’t require special balancing magic. And, again, because the recumbent is lower to the ground, you don’t have very far to fall–if you fall out at all.

Lastly, because a recumbent trike has you sitting upright, you see what is ahead of and to the sides of you. Every rider uses a rear-view mirror to safely see the traffic behind them… much like driving a car! 

One of the few safety warnings on a recumbent trike, is to use some kind of foot retention on the trikes.  Your feet are close to the ground and should not slip off. And on trikes you never need to put a foot down at a stop!

Also, on a recumbent is to make sure you have proper sun protection. More of your skin and face is exposed when riding a recumbent, so it’s important to wear sunscreen, a hat, and some cool looking shades. 

There are many safety advantages to recumbents that cannot be appreciated until tried!

What if I Want to Take a Ride on the Wild Side?

Recumbent trikes are great for taking leisurely rides in the country, because you can see everything around you! Take in the beauty of nature and wonderful fresh air, while you cruise around!

If you want to go offroad, there’s a recumbent model for you. There are even upgrades that you can make to a recumbent trike as you grow more comfortable (and addicted) to riding, that will suit your different triking needs.

Also, if you want to pack a nice lunch, there’s an accessory for that! Much like riding a motorcycle, you can get “saddle bags” to carry necessary supplies for long rides. 

There are even special covers for riding in the rain–to protect yourself from getting soaked, and the ride from getting rusty. 

You can be as wild and free as you want when riding your recumbent trike!

What Did You Say About Community?

While recumbent trikes are still a unique niche, their popularity is growing every day due to how ergonomic, fast, and fun it is to ride them!

There are awesome recumbent triking groups throughout Texas that you can join–and they’re excited to show you the ropes. And many traditional upright bicyclist groups are cool with having a recumbent rider join them. Bicyclists in general are super friendly and always happy to widen their circle of friends! 

If you never thought you could be an endurance athlete, complete a race, or even get back into them due to your injuries, age, or inexperience… We highly recommend you join a recumbent trike rally. 

Because recumbent trikes are built for comfort and speed, countless people who never thought it was possible to join an endurance competition suddenly find themselves fulfilling what seemed to be only an impossible dream! 

paradePersonally, we think that recumbent trikers have the most fun because we embrace how wacky our trikes look. This means sometimes dressing up funny, putting on music while we ride, touring places around the city, and so much more! 

So whether you only dream of making some cool friends to stay in shape and see your local city and countryside, or if you want to join some races and rallies… the options are open for you!

And before you wonder if you’re gonna stand out like a sore thumb in the middle of a sea of young people… Most recumbent trikers are over the age of 35. Many come from a background of injury or accident, and they’re just as elated as you are to find an activity that is social, good for their bodies, and fun as heck! 

Come Experience Recumbent Trikes for Yourself! 

But… you don’t have to just take our word for it. 

If you’re even a little bit curious, we encourage you to come on down to one the Easy Street Recumbent locations. 

Our crews are knowledgeable, friendly, and absolutely low-pressure. The priority of Easy Street Recumbents is to make sure our community is provided the absolute best service possible. And all of us own and ride recumbent trikes, as active members of the recumbent community!


We’ll find out what your unique needs are (based on your body and current health), as well as your must-have features in a trike. 

Then we’ll suggest some trikes you can test, right there in the store.  We make sure you have a safe place to ride around. Our Fort Worth shop sits right on a trail!

This is a completely custom-tailored experience for you. So what are you waiting for? 

Come experience how fun, comfortable, and easy it is to ride a recumbent trike–surrounded by friendly and helpful faces. Call us at 817-846-8903 or email us at keller@wemakecyclingeasy.com today! 


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