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aero 700

The Aero with 700C wheels

Bikes like the Aero don’t need much of a sales pitch. Either there is no way you are going to spend that kind of money on a bicycle or else you must have it because it is the best.  This bike is really what Bacchetta is all about.  I could go on, but having written about all the other Bacchetta models already it seems superfluous.  Everything they do points to this.  Are you a “roadie?”

The new Aero comes in two frame sizes and is made out of carbon fiber with titanium lugs. It is the lightest recumbent on the market that you can actually find in a store, adjust to your size, and ride before buying. A carbon fiber shell seat is standard.  21 pounds is pretty light for a recumbent, but you can pull its weight down more by simply shoveling money at it. (You know the deal.)

aero 650

The Aero with 650C wheels

650C or 700C wheels

The Aero is available in a variety of wheel sizes, depending on your needs. 700C road bike wheels, allowing for a wide variety of tire choices. We can also supply the Aero with smaller 650C wheels if the 700C models sits you a little too high.

Bear in mind the limited tire selection for 650C wheels.  Some years back, triathletes who didn’t want as high gears as road bikes preferred 650C wheels, being a bit smaller.  (Remember these folks also had lots of running and swimming to do.)  With the development of compact cranksets many tri bikes went back to 700C wheels.  So 650C is a bit of an anachronism.  The upshot?  Get 700C if you can.  If you want to drop the seat about 2 inches then get the 650C.  We’re only listing spec info on the 700C model below.

aero carbon corsa

The “Carbon Corsa” component spec

The “Carbon Corsa”

Bacchetta makes an Aero spec called “The Carbon Corsa,” which is an Aero frame with the upper/mid-grade Corsa components.  This gives you the essential frame, the soul of the bike, with decent components, ready to upgrade, and the Euromesh seat.  Why they had to confuse thing by calling it a Corsa we don’t know.

Honestly, we don’t typically keep the Aero in stock since out clientele is much more the easy going tricycle types. If you have an interest in this, come in and ride the Corsa, since the seat and handlebar arrangement is essentially the same.

Bacchetta says:

The worlds most accomplished carbon recumbent racer is now the most affordable as well! With CA2.0 frame kits starting at $1,700 and complete bikes starting at $3300 there’s no reason to put off buying your dream bike any longer! Also, the upgraded Aero spec and a new color scheme gives the CA2 a stunning new look to go along with a racing pedigree that’s second to none.

Boring technical specs from Bacchetta follow, along with our interesting comments:
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