Waco Wild West 2016 Hospitality Tent


Hospitality Tent events are where we come to a major cycling event and provide a place for the recumbent crowd to come together. We provide shade, seats, drinks and grilled food for riders finishing the event. It gives the ‘bent-curious folks a safe and welcoming place to discuss their budding non-conformity. Pictures above, from left to right, are (somebody help me…who was that guy on the left), Mike and Bonnie from Corpus, with their doggie, William from Blanco, Scorpion FS riders Gay and Gary from Wichita Falls flank Scorpion FS rider Dan from Georgetown. A typically disheveled Mike from Easy Street stands behind Dan, soaked in hot dog fumes. To the right of Gary are Adrian and Brenda from Killeen. Of course we always encourage everyone to show up in their ESR-branded duds. It makes us look less like some crazy cult.

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