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Recumbent tandem bikes are truly a rare breed. We don’t expect you are shopping for one. We don’t always keep the Twin in stock, but it is the one tandem 2-wheeler that we would keep. With rear suspension and optional full suspension it will take you and a friend down any path you want. Note that this bike, along with nearly every recumbent tandem bike we’ve seen over the years (Mike has owned 4 of them, and worked on 3 others) sits the captain (the front rider) fairly high. AZUB has worked to address this on the newest Twin models, with a curved frame to drop the captain’s seat a few inches.  The new telescoping rear section helps compact the frame when riding with a shorter stoker.

Long frame, short stoker

It will work well for shorter-legged stokers (the rear rider).  All other commonly available recumbent tandems do not.  The Twin is comparatively long because the stoker’s crankset is up behind the captain’s seat.  Other models of tandem compact their wheelbase by dropping the stoker’s cranks under the captain’s seat.  But as the seat moves forward for a shorter stoker, she is increasingly reaching down to the pedals.  The design of recumbent seats doesn’t work well for this.  This helps the Twin fit more couples better.

Like all AZUB products, this bike is built for strength. The 60mm frame tubes raise some eyebrows.  The dual shock absorber rear swingarm is beefy enough to load up for unsupported touring.  This tandem is built for adventure.

The frame will separate into two sections, or will fold, for easier transport.

Our Price:  Varies greatly by spec, from $6990 to $7900


AZUB Says:

All it takes is one look at our Twin and it is perfectly clear that this bike will withstand even the harshest conditions. However, you will appreciate its main characteristics even on short trips. They include the low seating position of the front rider, two truly recumbent positions of both riders, as stiff frame contributing to the stability and safety of riding, and the sturdy folding mechanism.

In our opinion, AZUB Twin is the best recumbent tandem in the world. In 2016, we have brought some improvements and the bike’s users are thrilled. Those who use it to race around on Florida’s cycle paths as well as those who have chosen it to travel around the world with. After all, riding in twos is fantastic. You experience every single detail together, share every experience, enjoy each descent and labour on each ascent, together experiencing the same feelings. Riding a tandem is about cooperation, harmony, sharing and about of two people living one dream.

We have originally developed the AZUB Twin as a testing prototype which we wanted to use to verify some technical solutions used on single bikes. We wanted to know what load they would take and how long they would be able to withstand it. Therefore, the first two prototypes have undergone extensive testing in Eastern Europe. Honza Galla, who is an essential part of our team, and his wife Eliška took both prototypes on a journey through Hungary, Romania, Greece and Ukraine and gained a lot of experience.

After a few years, we returned to our recumbent tandem project and created a true Twin. A bike with a long wheelbase that provides a stable ride, dual rear suspension for maximum comfort even with large loads, extremely stiff yet folding frame; a bike which we will build for you according to your requirements in either the swift version with beautiful Truvativ Firex cranks and Shimano XT components, or in the heavy duty version with the 14-speed gearbox in the Rohloff hub and a set of racks able to carry up to four sets of rear cycling bags! Therefore, with such a bike you can set off on any journey you can think of. Let yourself be inspired by the challenging expeditions of adventurers who took the Twin for example on a journey from France to Australia or even around the whole world.

For a discussion of parts specs, see our AZUB article on our shopping help page

Boring technical specs from AZUB follow, along with our interesting comments.

Frame & Geometry
Who fits on it, where it fits.
  • Seat heights:  67 / 55 cm (26.4″ / 21.7″)
    As usual, the captain’s seat is high and the stoker’s is low
  • Bottom bracket heights: 69 /49 cm (27,2 / 19,3″) – The front height depends on length of front boom (mentioned size is average)
    This is a fairly relaxed BB height relative to the seats.  Note that the stoker’s cranks are about level with the seat
  • Weight: about 30 kg /  66lb – Can vary a lot depending on accessories and components
  • Length: 303 cm / 117,1″ – Can be shorter for shorter stoker. Also depends on the front boom length.
  • Front part length: 145 cm /  57,1″ – Depending on the front boom length.
    When the frame is folded or decoupled, this is the length of the front part
  • Rear part length: 158 cm /  62″
    Ditto for the rear
  • Height: 127 cm / 50″
    Smallest folded frame size about: 130 x 56 x 38 cm / 51,2 x 22 x 15″ – No wheels, no accessories, no seats assembled.
    Since you are probably looking at this thing and wondering how it is fit into your Camry
  • captain height: from 165 to 210 cm (from 5’3″ to 7′)
  • stoker height: from 145 to 210 cm (from 4’7″ to 7′)
    Better if they provided ex-seam lengths, not overall height, but you can see this bike will fit a wide range of riders

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