Lightning Phantom


The Lightning Phantom is a light, compact, maneuverable bike that is fast off the line and powerful in a climb.  This is versatile bike and a great commuter.

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Lightning Phantom

In this remarkable photograph, the hand of Zeus is seen reaching from Olympus to interfere with this young Phantom frolicking in a meadow.

The Lightning Phantom is our easiest to master short wheelbase bike. Unique among this type of recumbent, Lightnings use an upright seating position. With this familiar position, you can get the hang of the short wheelbase handling and steering.  Once you master that you can explore a more leaned back position, if you want.

Lightning’s patented frame design isn’t really a departure from traditional SWB bikes, since it predates pretty much everything available. The upright seat and higher crankset put your body in a tucked position that is good for pressing hard on the pedals. The stiff, straight steering riser lets you put in a little upper body leverage, which is unlike practically every other ‘bent.

The Phantom gives you all the features built into Lightning’s patented design.  It even has a kickstand mount built in (we think that’s cool). It is a lightweight recumbent for its price, and upgrading the wheels and cranks would easily lighten it  more. This is a ‘bent for climbing big hills.

The adjustable chain tensioner makes leg length adjustments easy, though it only works so well.  We can remove it for you if you don’t plan on sharing your bike with anyone. This model features an adjustable lock-down handlebar riser that gives you extra control over your arm and hand position.  We can replace this with a simple, straight riser if you are happy with that position.

The standard size Phantom, suitable for most people 5’6″ and taller, comes in red.  The small Phantom comes in blue.  A front suspension fork is available.  A Shockster rear suspension accessory can be added as well.

Our price (subject to change):  $1860

Lightning says:

They really expect you to buy a better pair of pedals than these

Experience recumbent bicycle comfort, fun, safety and outstanding performance with the Lightning Phantom! The Phantom combines the record-breaking design geometry and seat of the legendary P-38 with a strong Chromoly monotube construction for the FASTEST recumbent in its class. This includes the perfect weight distribution for unmatched handling and safety which no other recumbent has!

The Phantom was designed by experienced engineers using data gained from two decades of top level HPV racing around the world, 20 world records, and feedback from hundreds of Lightning owners. No other recumbent bicycle company has this level of technical expertise and real world experience.

Lightning engineers have designed into the Phantom a very comfortable ride, superb stopping and handling characteristics, a high cruising speed, and exceptional durability. The overall performance of the Phantom surpasses all other comparably priced bicycles, and many costing hundreds of dollars more.

High-performance and convenience accessories such as a custom-designed fairing, seat bags, panniers and many accessories are available for the Phantom.

The Phantom is great for any club, recreational, touring, or commuting cyclist who wants a high performance, fun to ride, and very comfortable bike. It’s perfect for short or long trips, and can race with the best of them.

Perhaps the best all-around recumbent on the market, the Phantom may be just what you’re looking for!

Boring technical specs from Lightning follow, along with our interesting comments
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