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The EZ-Sport is our easiest bike to ride.  It is a stylish choice for neighborhood riding and commuting.  The high seat gives great vantage and control.

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Anyone who is tall enough starts learning to ride recumbent bikes on the EZ-Sport. The high seat, low crankset, and long wheelbase design make the low speed handling particularly easy.

The EZ-Sport is a big and friendly bike.  It is well-proportioned for larger riders, easy to control, remarkably nimble for its size.  And it just looks good. It manages to pull off a sort of motorcycle stylishness without being a “toy motorcycle” like some juvenile “chopper” bikes are. This design is fully functional.

While it can be used for longer highway rides, that isn’t its first priority. It sits high, giving it a large aerodynamic profile and a higher weight.  But that also gives the rider a good view and easy balance and control, even at low speeds. The curved frame tubes give it a mainstream aesthetic appeal. You’ll look good, and you’ll feel good.  You’ll have a shiny set of name-brand components.  And you won’t spend too much on it (as recumbents go).  You can fit it to carry a huge amount of cargo, if that is what you want to do with it.

While Sun Seeker’s seat isn’t as lightweight as other brands’ (one piece is made of wood!), it is quite comfortable.  It features a thick, well-contoured cushion and an adjustable seat back.  This gives lots of control over the position of the lumbar curve.  The seat allows for a range of recline adjustment, and it will sit up straight without tilting the seat base down.

The EZ-Sport comes in both the “CX” chromoly steel frame model, or the lighter, upgraded “AX” aluminum alloy model.

Our price (subject to change):  $1395 steel CX, $1950 aluminum AX

ez-sport2Sun Seeker says:

The EZ-Sport is a step up from the EZ-1, a bit more responsive, a bit more efficient. A big 26″ rear wheel and 20″ front wheel combine with the 24-speed gearing to make the miles go by quickly and easily. Ideal for touring, commuting and long recreational rides, the EZ-Sport offers remarkable handling at any speed. “Zooming down a bridge at 30 mph felt as if I were piloting a Harley Davidson motorcycle,” stated BentRider magazine, a journal dedicated to recumbent cycling. “Moreover, the relatively high seat and its ease of adjustment, the low bottom bracket and the Kenda fat high-pressure tires ‘conspire’ to give you an uncommonly pleasant sense of stability and control.”

Boring technical specs from Sun Seeker follow, along with our interesting comments
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