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Sun Seeker, or Sun, or Miami Sun, is a large national distributor with roots in 70’s-era beach cruisers. They expanded their range to all sorts of bikes, and in the early 2000’s they bought several lower-end designs from Easy Racers, but they didn’t stop there. Over the years they widened and contracted their selection, eventually following the popular trend towards a wider tricycle selection.


Sun Seeker keeps their prices down, and that can mean manufacturing tolerances are looser than some other brands. You can get more rattles and squeaks, in the long run, out of Sun Seeker bikes. But as committed Sun dealers we make a point of going after those rattles and squeaks.  Affordable bikes are usually more work for us then expensive ones, but we want to sell bikes for all budgets.

Sun Seeker’s warranty is good, they weld their frames with skill, and the paint is sturdy and attractive. We’ve found fault in some designs, but the ones we carry work really well.  Their seats are remarkably comfortable, if a little heavy.  All Sun’s stuff is a little heavy, but that is typical of lower cost stuff.  They support their bikes  with spare parts and accessories available from a network of warehouses around the country.  Since Easy Street opened in 1996 we’ve carried a few different “budget” brands, and nobody pulls it off better than Sun.

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