TerraTrike started back in 1995, with $1000 and a sketch on a napkin.  Add some space in Jeff Wiswell’s garage in Michigan and the rest is recumbent history.  Now the company just can’t sit still.  Its workforce keeps growing, as do their production runs. While TT sells models at a range of prices, we find their greatest strength is meeting the demands of the casual rider looking for a moderately priced ride.

Man’s Best Friend

Starting in 1996, TerraTrike developed the Tour chassis, with several generations of refinement, spec levels, and materials choices, including a short lived carbon fiber frame, done at the same time Wiswell developed a fascination with carbon fiber electric guitars.  The Tour was the workhorse of recumbent trikes through the late 1990’s.  In 2010, the company released the Rover, a complete refresh on trike design.  For I’d call the first time a recumbent trike was made with the casual, neighborhood exercise or trail rider in mind.  Prior to this, all the trikes were revisions of racing or touring trikes, with cheaper parts.  The Rover precipitated and accelerated the shift in the recumbent marker to focus on trikes, as the Australian trike visionary Ian Simms predicted 20 years earlier.

You’re welcome

Probably the greatest thing about being a TerraTrike dealer is that they market their product creatively and persistently.  Nobody is doing more to spread the word about trikes to the masses.  A lot of people know about recumbent trikes from TerraTrike’s advertising.  And, well, the fact is sometimes TT’s advertising drives people into recumbent shops where they end up buying something else.  The company’s answer is  “you’re welcome.”

We’ve been selling TerraTrike since 1997 and we love to see what comes next from them.  Theirs is a company, and a product, based in a strong culture of fun.

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