TerraTrike Gran Tourismo


The TerraTrike Gran Tourismo is a rugged steel sport touring trike for no-nonsense practical daily use and for affordable adventure.

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See below for info on the EVO electric assist model

Having been TerraTrike dealers since 1997, we’ve seen the evolution of design in TT’s products.   The Gran Tourismo represents the closing of a circle, beginning with the concept of the original TerraTrike Tour, the original “TerraTrike” back when that term referred to a model, not the whole company.  It goes through 2011 with the inception of the Rover, which reinvented the company and redefined the recumbent industry.  Then in 2018 the Gran Tourismo arrived to pick up what the original “TerraTrike 1.0” was all about.

The GT is the shape of TerraTrike’s sport-touring concept.  It is the platform for TerraTrike’s current EVO factory built electric-assisted trike (see below).  It was recently evolved into the sportier, aluminum framed GTS.

blue Gran Tourismo

They don’t make the blue one any more, but ain’t it purdy?

Tour to Tourismo

This development was timely.  TerraTrike cancelled production of the venerable Tour in 2017, which was a relief.  The Tour was definitive for its time, but after 20 years of production it had become outclassed.  The concept of a do-it-all sport touring trike, not over-geared, but set up for loads and climbing, with a low seat for stability and a basic, good quality derailer transmission was still relevant and wasn’t well-addressed.  Lately TT has distinguished itself with understated yet brilliant casual cruiser trikes like the Rover and Rambler. They tried a few sportier ideas, though they didn’t completely hatch. But the Gran Tourismo pegs it with a characteristic certainty.  As the name suggests, this trike emphasizes the touring, not the sports.  It is a level-headed little trike aimed at practical use, at a practical price.

happy Gran Tourismo riderRight on!

Most significant is the use of TerraTrike’s direct steering design.  This is standard for TT’s nowadays, and it is a great improvement over the indirect steering on the original Tour.  As people who set up these trikes we’re saying “right on.”  A new advancement in TerraTrike’s seat appears on this model, with an extended seat base which makes a more upright seat position more workable.  Unlike the Rambler and its derivatives, the Gran Tourismo uses a bent frame to drop the rider’s center of mass a bit to improve handling.  But the seat is still easily accessible, and the Y-frame design pioneered on the Rambler helps get you more over the seat before sitting down.  The rear of the frame is more triangulated for greater stiffness in cornering.

The 24″ rear wheel addresses a problem many had with the old Tour.  The trike was configured to be a good speed trike, but the 20″ rear wheel limited its top speed.  There was a kludge to retrofit a 26″ rear wheel, but using it affected both the steering geometry and shifting.  Moving to a 24″ ups the gearing but keeps the trike compact and holds onto some lower gearing better than a 26″ wheel does.  The more compact rear wheel also helps keep the rear of the trike stiff in cornering.

It Even Came in Pink for a While

They keep changing the colors on this trike.  That gold shown above was pretty nice.  The purple was pretty nice, but isn’t that always the way with purple?  They did pink for a while, but nobody was man enough to buy them (with one notable exception).  We’ve got black and mango yellow at the time of writing this, whenever that was.  I recall an Aggie maroon, but so far no burnt orange.  We’re just leaving the old pictures up because we’re too lazy to keep changing them.  Give us a good old-fashioned phone call and we’ll tell you what we’ve got now.  So far, the GT EVO has only come in metallic green.

The Gran Tourismo EVO in signature green and badass Bosch Performance Line motor

Let’s talk about the EVO

The Electric Vehicle Option is TerraTrike’s handle for their factory-built electric trike.  It is really just an GT with a specially made boom (the adjustable front frame piece that holds the crankset).  It comes in its own color, unlike other GT’s.  It carries a Bosch Performance Line electric assist motor.  This is a more muscular motor than you get on TerraTrike’s “Boost” e-motor conversion kits, and of course you end up paying less getting the factory model than refitting a stock Gran Tourismo, or other TT model.  The EVO comes with a nicer “console,” the interface screen that mounts on the handlebar.  The EVO’s console will do that cell phone stuff and is smarter than your honor student.  The TerraTrike Boost kit has an Active Line motor and a basic console, but you can install it on nearly any modern TerraTrike.  Incidentally, the Bosch motor system is amazing, and a refreshing example of doing more with less.

gold Gran Tourismo

That gold was to die for. This is the kind of trike a James Bond villain might ride.


As usual, you see mostly mountain bike parts with the exception of the crankset and front derailer, which are geared higher with road bike parts.  The 2×9 derailer transmission system gives a good range with lower gearing readily available.  Overall, the components are spec’ed for economy as sport-touring trikes go, but improvable where needed.

There are no cutting edge breakthroughs with this trike like you see coming out of ICE and AZUB.  This is a case of striking the right balance in price and performance.  This is a sensible analysis of the market by the people whose trikes make up most of the market.

Seems like you can always find it in black

Our price:  $2499 for the Gran Tourismo x18, $4999 for the GT EVO

TerraTrike says: 

Aqua green should be available in late 2022

The Gran Tourismo is alluringly sophisticated with exhilarating performance resulting in the ultimate touring machine. With a nod to the original Tour, the GT is the culmination of over 20 years of continued innovation and customer feedback, resulting in the most comfortable and best handling TerraTrike to date.

The sporty yet elegant design is harmoniously coordinated conveying both aesthetics and dynamics. Engineered from the ground up to be efficient, beautiful and comfortable, it handles like a sports car but rides like a luxury sedan.

The most noticeable change is the Y-frame design which gives added strength while allowing for additional heel clearance and ease in getting in and out. The equally noticeable triangulated rear end adds pedaling efficiency, better aerodynamics, reduced pedal steer and lower center of gravity so that you “stick” to the road even at higher speeds. The chromoly steel frame is durable, more comfortable and provides a “passive suspension” with a smoother ride. New seat mounting adds rigidity to the trike increasing efficiency with every pedal stroke.

Orange is another late 2022 color

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve included direct steering along with TerraTrike’s own “steering stack” that provides a responsive yet predictable steering experience. The GT also comes standard with a 24” rear wheel for higher top-end speeds, all while rolling more smoothly over bumps and retaining momentum. To top it off, the aluminum seat frame, handlebars and tie rod reduce weight without sacrificing strength.


The Gran Tourismo features an extended seat frame with an upgraded seat mesh. This is by far the most comfortable seat we’ve ever produced and will result in longer, more comfortable rides; featuring a breathable mesh and extra padding in “all the right places.” The extra seat frame length is contoured to give additional support and comfort. There is even a zippered pocket on the rear just large enough for a wallet, keys or cell phone. The front wheels use a rapid axle for easy removal for transportation; the seat, a single seat bolt for quick and easy seat removal; and a single hex key for both.

Best of all, the Gran Tourismo accepts all TerraTrike branded accessories, including the Storage Solutions lineup of bags and panniers, making this the perfect trike for that cross-country adventure, your daily commute or the leisurely ride to your favorite local destination.

Boring technical specs from TerraTrike follow, with our interesting comments


Who it fits, where it fits

  • Frame Material – 4130 Chromoly Steel
    the best steel for bike frames, strong and comparatively light
  • Steering System – Direct
    a simpler and easier to maintain steering design
  • Seat Type – 6061 T6 Aluminium Frame With Breathable Mesh
    TT’s highly versatile seat, especially good for upright seat positions.
  • Seat Adjustment – 2.5″ Fore/Aft 40-65 Degree Recline
    This is a limited range of seat adjustment, with most leg length adjustment done at the boom.  This makes this trike less easily adjustable “on the fly” than trikes like the Rambler, but it keeps the seat in an easily accessible place and the seat attachment system gives a much more secure attachment.  As usual, the TerraTrike seat gives a wide range of recline adjustment, going quite upright.
  • Boom Type – Adjustable Boom
    The boom is the fore end of the frame.  Both boom and seat adjust, making this trike highly adjustable for many fitting options
  • Wheelbase Length – 42″
    the shorter this is the tighter it turns
  • Overall Length (medium) – 76″
    more like 72″ – 80″, depending on boom length adjustment
  • Track Width – 30.5″
    distance between the centers of the front tires
  • Overall Width – 34″
    how wide of a door you can get it through, but we can show you how to finagle it through a narrower one.
  • Bottom Bracket Height – 14.5″
    this is the height of crankset, or the pedaling assembly
  • Seat Height – 15″
    the distance between your patootie and the street.  This is fairly high for a sport touring trike
  • Total Weight (lbs.) – 42 GT, 56 EVO
    On the heavy side for sport touring trikes, but in keeping with the high seat, high weight capacity, and steel frame.  The Bosch motor system adds 14 pounds
  • Combined Load Limit (lbs.) – 300
  • Turning Dimensions – 12′ Diameter
    That is pretty pretty good, and in keeping with direct steering models.
Component Group

what parts you’ll find installed on the Gran Tourismo x18 and the GT EVO

  • Drive System – Derailer
    A typical pairing of front and rear derailers, easily upgraded or modified.  The EVO only has a rear derailer due to the motor system.
  • Number of Speeds (Stock) – 18 on GT, 10 on EVO
    You have a range of 9 speeds on the rear derailer.  Depending on where you set your front derailer you’ll either have a closely-spaced set of 9 covering your lower range for climbs, headwinds, or when you are tired, or 9 widely spaced gears extending higher, for downhills, tailwinds, or lost weekends on amphetamines. The EVO has 10 speeds on the rear and one on the front, but mainly gears higher since it has the assist motor
  • Gear Inch Range – 24 – 108 on GT, 28 – 74 on EVO
    A nice, wide range of gears with plenty on the high end. If you need lower gears that is easily done without sacrificing the high gears.
  • Pedals Type – Standard Platform w/ Comfort Straps included
    Comfort Straps are stirrups that hold your heel.  You will want some sort of foot retention on a trike.
  • Crankset/Rings – FSA Tempo Double 165mm 34/50t
    two sprockets on the front, 170mm Bosch crank with 46 tooth ring on the EVO
  • Bottom Bracket – Square taper on GT, Bosch emotor on EVO
    this is a part that consumers rarely ever think about
  • Chain Type – KMC Z99 9 Speed on GT, KMC X10 on EVO
    Just keep it oiled
  • Front Derailleur – Microshift Double on GT
    a brand you’ve never heard of, but good quality
  • Rear Derailleur – Shimano Alivio 9 Sp, MicroShift XCD 10-speed on EVO
    an OK derailer from that Japanese company everyone has heard of, or a better derailer from a company you’ve never heard of
  • Cassette Size – Shimano 11-34 9 Speed on GT, MicroShift 11-36 10-speed on EVO
  • Shifters Set – Shimano Alivio or MicroShift XCD
    “Rapidfire” trigger shifters from those same companies
  • Brake Levers – Promax Linear Pull, Locking
    This is a cool set of levers with a parking brake built in.  They come as a set so you can lock both your front wheel brakes.
  • Brake Set – Alhonga Mechanical on GT, Avid BB7 on EVO
    Decent brakes from a company you’ve never heard of, but they work fine, or really nice brakes from Avid
  • Wheel Set – TerraTrike Single Wall black on GT, Double wall on EVO
  • Tires/Size – Schwalbe Road Cruiser 20 x 1.75 and 24 x 1.75, Schwalbe Marathon 20×1.50 and 26×1.50 on rear
    The Road Cruiser is not bad for a stock tire.  The Marathon is an excellent tire.

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