TerraTrike Maverick and Rogue

TerraTrike’s “trikes for the masses” are the affordable Maverick and easy shifting Rogue, continuing TT’s mastery of casual trikes.


The Maverick comes in Sangria red in late 2022

The Maverick and the Rogue are essentially the same trike.  The only difference is the shifting system, and the two models come with different color schemes.  The Maverick is TerraTrike’s budget model, like the Rover was back in the day.  It comes with a basic spec 8-speed rear derailer for shifting.  The Rogue is a step up, with an Enviolo City internally geared hub which is popular with people who aren’t very mechanically inclined.  Derailers are inexpensive and time-tested technology. But they have a lot of do’s and don’ts to their usage which results in people just not shifting them.  And we want you to use your gears because we want you to get the most from your purchase.  Gears are your friends.

Those of us familiar with TerraTrike’s offerings over the years recognize this trike as a copy of the first generation Rambler.  The Rambler has gone on to pursue its own course of development.  Meanwhile, the original switches to a lower grade steel for the frame, a steel, not aluminum seat, and the simpler, older-style steering assembly that came on the venerable TerraTrike Rover.  The design retains the focus on ease of use and easy access that characterizes TerraTrike’s casual trikes.


Of course I think of Samuel Augustus Maverick, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, twice elected mayor of San Antonio, and notable non-conformist in ranching circles.  Maverick was known for not branding any of his cattle, and an unbranded head of cattle in anyone’s herd came to be known as “a maverick,” as would anyone with an independent way of thinking. Never mind that gambler guy from the television show.  Now, it means a tricycle!  Like most of those original “Texians,” Sam here got a county named after him, along the border just west of San Antonio.  We’ll have to go ride some Mavericks around there and send back some pictures.


Let me say that I appreciate it when a manufacturer comes up with a real name for their product.  Having sold our share of recumbents called things like RX, R42, CGX3.0, GT3, GT5, CT2.0, and another one named CT2.0 (20 years later), I’d much rather be telling customers about a Corsa, Villager, or Rambler.  Hats off to TerraTrike for using real names.  But if you know what a “Rogue” really is you’d wonder who thought it would be a good name for something you might have to rely on.  Back in 2008 a young shop assistant of mine commented on a new model from Sun called the “Drifter.”  “Isn’t that the guy who murders a family in their sleep?”  True enough.  Next year we’ll have the fully suspended “Despot,” or the nimble and sporty “Scoundrel” to sell you. But I digress.

Our price:  $1499 for the Maverick x8,  and $1999 for the Rogue

TerraTrike says: 

Experience cycling freedom on the Maverick, an entry level trike that packs a lot of features. The new wide seat with fixed seat mount provides riders with a firm and comfortable riding position. The versatile Maverick makes it easy to upgrade to the TerraTrike hybrid steering stack and the boom stub tube allows one to easily add a front derailleur.

The weight-reducing, round tube Hi-ten steel frame uses the tried and proven Rambler frame design and has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. It provides easy access for getting on and off of the trike and produces a very predictable riding experience.

Other highlights include the direct drivetrain for a quiet ride without the need for idlers as well as custom TerraTrike wheels and Schwalbe tires. Like its predecessors, the Maverick is the perfect leisure riding trike.

Adventure Made Simple

Bring seamless comfort to your ride with the Rogue. Experience shifting the way you always thought it should be, while at a complete stop, or under a full load with the Enviolo City internal hub. Riders will also find comfort in the recline-and-relax fixed wide seat, adjustable handlebars, and always comfortable TerraTrike linear frame. With simplicity at your fingertips, your next adventure has never been easier or more affordable.

The Rogue is Boost Kit compatible and makes a great pairing with its unique yet simple step-less drivetrain. Whether you add e-assist or pedal all on your own, this simple to operate trike is packed with all the great features the first-time buyer or seasoned rider will need to hit the trail.

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