Casual Trikes

“Casual” better describes the person, more than the machine.  Still, there is a readily identifiable class of customers who want easy-to-access, easy-to-operate trike, and these we call casual trikes.  They are often lower priced, but not always.  Suspension, folding, and electric assist options exist for all of these, often lending to the easy-use features of casual trikes.  They tend to be higher-sitting, with both an elevated seat and a more upright seat and a lower height for the crankset (the pedaling assembly).  They usually have a smaller rear wheel, built more for easy climbing than speed.

Many of our customers are not “cycling” people when they come to us, but they want to be.  Often they never learned to ride a two-wheeler, or they haven’t for a long time.  They don’t have big ambitions for their cycling, they just want to do it and they want it to be easy and accessible.  Sometimes these folks are back after a few years ready to upgrade.  Many times they stick with their easy cruiser trike for the rest of their lives.

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