Catrike Villager


The Catrike Villager blends the sporty appeal of all Catrikes with higher, more upright seat and wider cockpit for a truly Casual Cat.

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catrike villager

The 2nd edition Villager sits higher than other Catrikes, with an extra wide track for stability, a wider, more roomy cockpit.  The Villager’s seat is newly upgraded, with an adjustable seat reclining from 45-55° from the horizontal, and Catrike’s popular seat cushion.

The Villager is in a class by itself among Catrikes, the most “casual” of all the Cats, offering the distinctive Catrike ride and build quality in a (slightly) more stately and sedate package.

catrike villager rightOur price (subject to change): $2,550

Catrike says: 

A high quality, adjustable, user-friendly Catrike. With an extra wide cross member and high seat, the Villager is easy to get on and off yet very stable.

Boring technical specs from Catrike follow, with our interesting comments:

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