More than any other trike the ICE VTX is built for speed, with an aerodynamic shape, stiff hydroformed frame, and a shell seat.

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The VTX is built for speed: low, long, narrow in track, optimized for aerodynamics. It is several pounds lighter than the Catrike 700, using a carbon fiber shell seat with an innovative system of pads that allow for better airflow under the back and an adjustable recline. The VTX does not fold, but it can be broken down for transport and shipping. Titanium front axles are an option.  The hydroformed frame has a chiseled, muscular look, a lot like your legs will after you’ve taken your VTX for a few good runs.

Like the Catrike 700, this trike isn’t for everyone. The design reflects an uncompromising pursuit of speed which might fit the paradigm of the road racing cyclist who is only a part of Easy Street’s diverse clientele. If speed is what you want, and you want it on 3 wheels, then you should try a VTX.  You might like that shell seat more than you think, or not.

Our price: depends on spec, but generally $5,600 to $6,900

ICE says:

THE VTX has evolved! New 2019 Black colour scheme with a new easy access swept cruciform and an all new custom super lightweight modern aero profile wheel set. A dynamic new look matt black colour scheme and custom graphics make the 2019 VTX Black look as sleek, light and as fast as it rides. Available now!

And don’t forget. Simply the fastest trike in the world in 2018 … it’s official. Winner of the 2018 Multi-Track class World HPV Championships. Over 100 riders from all over the world travelled to the UK and competed in 9 different classes and 5 different events to race to be the fastest human powered vehicle at Betteshanger Park, Kent in July.

This demonstrates the winning pedigree of our world class flagship VTX Black performance trike, and is also underpinned by our whole range of trike models. Every stage; from trike design, specification of components, the build and assembly, with rigorous attention to detail, gives you the piece of mind you’ll be riding the best performing range of trikes in the world. All backed up with our 10 year warranty and enviable reputation.

A perfect blend of performance, dynamic handling and comfort coupled with stunning looks and detailing to create the ultimate trike. With the lowest seating position of all our trikes, the VTX Black delivers superior performance guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Frame & Geometry

Who fits on it, where it fits.

  • Width     29.5″ (750mm)
  • Height     26.92″ (684mm)
    Depending on seat recline
  • Length     78.5″-88″ (1994mm-2235mm)
  • Seat positioning 6.5″ high, 25 – 32 degrees angle adjust
    It’s a long ways down…
  • Turning circle     18′ (5.5m)
    That’s a lot, but this is for going fast in a straight line
  • Rider weight limit     230lbs (104kg)
  • Overall weight (from)     29lbs (13.1kg)
    This varies depending on components.
  • Rider size range     37″- 48″ (940-1219mm)
    This is how you know if you’ll fit the trike. See our discussion here.
  • Track width     27.5″ (700mm)
  • Wheel base     48.03″-49.21″ (1220mm-1250mm)
  • Ground clearance (ride height adjusted)     2.69″ (68.5mm)
Component choices
  • Brakes — Drum or disk brakes, typically the excellent Avid BB7 mechanical disk
  • Rear gearing — Choose between 10- or 11-speed cassette
  • Shifters — Bar end only, aluminum or carbon
  • Crankset & Front Derailer — Triple crankset available for 10-speed, double available for 11-speed.
  • Seat — Air Pro shell seat for speed, available in fiberglass or carbon fiber construction.
  • Parking Brake — A simple Velcro straps or a disk brake on the rear wheel with a special lever.
  • Tyres — British trikes all come with tyres, not tires.  A wide selection of skinny tires are available.

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