Fast Trikes

Racers aren’t the only people who want fast trikes.  You can tear around on spirited day rides, or just enjoy the feel of the highly reclined position.  Some beginners look askance at such a low and recumbent position, but the benefits of comfort and stability have plenty of not-so-fast people sold on them.  They are not for everyone.  They are still some work to get in and out of.

Part of speed comes from the components, and a set of narrow, high pressure tires characterize all these trikes.  A nice thing about triking is that you aren’t relying on your tire traction for stability, so there is no safety penalty in using narrow slicks.  And for stability, nothing beats a low seat.  Using well-chosen visibility accessories means you don’t have to sacrifice your ability to be seen.

Our fast trikes

The ICE VTX is the ultimate in fast trikes.  The Catrike 700 morphs Catrike’s space frame design into a racing shape, but offers a more compliant seat for ultra-marathon riding.  The Sprint-X takes this versatile sport-touring platform and pushes it into the realm of the truly fast.

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