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The Adventure HD is high-sitting casual trike with a 325 pound capacity which folds for transport.  Suspension and many component options are available.

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adventure hd riderThe ICE Adventure HD takes the easy riding Adventure frame and widens the track by two inches, giving your hips more space between the handlebars.  ICE also widened and deepened the seat, giving you more space to get comfortable in.  But the fact is that you don’t need to be big to get an HD.  Some people just like how it fits and rides.  Now I’ll just repeat everything I say about the Adventure… This is a high-sitting trike with a range of more upright seat positions, the Adventure HD is a bit like a mobile throne on which you can patrol your domain. Set up with full suspension this is the most luxurious of the “casual trikes” that we offer.  All Adventure models fold.  The original design idea of this trike was for off-road touring, toting a tent and supplies back into the woods.


adventure hd frontYou have many choices in setting up an Adventure HD.  You can choose either a 20″ wheel for compactness, strength and maneuverability.  This is the classic form of this trike.  Only recently was a 26″ rear wheel made available for it, for those wanting access to higher speeds.  Rear suspension is available for both wheel sizes.

See below for some idea of the range of component spec, since it is extensive.

adventure hd riderOur price:  depends on spec, but generally $4,350 to $7,350

ICE says:

The ICE Adventure HD applies the engineering, design and functionality of the standard ICE Adventure range, but with more generous sizing.  The optimised HD cruciform is made from 4130 Chromoly steel, strongly built to support riders up to 325lbs, and fitted with a wider and deeper Ergo Flow seat for additional comfort.  An additional 2″ on the x-seam length makes the HD perfect for taller riders.  The adventure HD range come with Schwalbe tyres as standard to provide a smoother ride and durability.

See more information about ICE Trikes here

Boring Technical specs from ICE follow, along with our interesting comments:

Frame & Geometry
Who fits on it, where it fits.
  • Overall width     34.4″(875mm)
  • Folded width     34.4″(875mm)
  • Overall height     29.9″-31.9″(760mm-810mm)
    Depending on 20 or 26 inch rear wheel. 
  • Folded height     22.4″-28.3″(570mm-720mm)
  • Overall length      66.9″-75.9″(1700mm-1920mm)
  • Folded length     36.2″43.7″(920mm-1110mm)
  • Seat height     12.4″(315mm)
    A seat height extender is available as an accessory
  • Seat dimensions 17.5″ (445mm) wide, 11″(280mm) deep
  • Seat angle adjust     38 – 51 degrees
  • Turning circle     16’7″(5.1m)
  • Rider weight limit     330lbs(150kg)
  • Overall weight (from)     36.7lbs(16.7kg)
    This varies greatly depending on components and suspension options.
  • Rider ex-seam range     37″ – 52″ (940mm – 1321mm)
    This is how you know if you’ll fit the trike. See our discussion here.
  • Track width     31.5″(800mm)
  • Wheel base     43.3″(1100mm)
  • Ground clearance (ride height adjusted)     6.3″(160mm)
  • Brakes — Choose between drum brakes, which are weather sealed and give a softer stop, in 90mm size, or disk brakes, which stop harder and generally easier to find parts for.  Disk brakes are available as either mechanical (cable actuated), which are easier to work on, or hydraulic, which stop better but are more expensive and expensive to have serviced.
  • Rear gearing — Choose between standard rear derailer, 3-speed hub with rear derailer (for super wide-range gearing), 8-speed Alfine hub, or wide ranging, fabulously engineered, rugged and ferociously expensive 14-speed Rohloff Speedhub.
  • Shifters — Bar end shifters are available, depending on other choices.  Other styles of shifter are available from us.
  • Crankset & Front Derailer — A selection of crank arm lengths, quality levels and chainring sizes are available depending on your needs.  Front derailers are matched to the crankset.
  • Parking Brake — Choose no parking brake, simple Velcro straps, or a third brake on the rear wheel with a special lever.  Locking brake levers are available from us.
  • Tyres — British trikes all come with tyres, not tires.  A wide selection of Schwalbe tires are available, from long-wearing to fast to puncture resistant.

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