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A sophisticated new design of fully-suspended folding trike.

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tifly-sideThe Ti-Fly is AZUB’s full-suspension offering. A slightly modified TRIcon frame is used with an innovative new concept in front suspension: titanium leaf springs. The natural qualities of titanium are used structurally to flex and absorb vibration. Hence you get a very elegant design, clear from a casual glance, but it deals with many problems front-suspended trikes have with hard cornering, fast and under load. It has the same stiff, reliably-tracking TRIcon rear suspension and huge cargo capacity. Like the Tricon, the Ti-Fly has both 20″ and 26″ wheel options, and separable, folding, and extreme folding frame choices.

Ti-Fly X

For more rugged off-road riding, AZUB offers the Ti-Fly X, with 3x 26 inch wheels.  It can mount tires up to 26×3.00″, so it isn’t a “fat trike,” but it does use extra wide front hubs for additional strength in the wheels.  Like any AZUB, you can configure the TFX any way you like, though it is mainly offered with a Shimano STEPS E8000 electric assist paired with a SRAM Eagle 12-speed rear cassette or a Pinion 18-speed internally geared crankset.

tkfly front suspensionFront suspension

In one sense, building suspension into the crossmember of the frame isn’t new… Steintrikes has done it for a while, but that design uses a complex arrangement of ball joints and rods which you wouldn’t want to take touring across Asia. AZUB never seems to release a model until someone has pedaled it across Asia.  AZUB can supply either soft or hard leaf springs, depending on the rider’s weight and application.  In general, riders up to 190 pounds should use the soft springs and riders over 220 pounds should use the hard springs.  Between 190 and 220, riders wanting precise high speed handling, aggressive off-road handling, or high cargo capacity for touring should use the hard springs.  Otherwise, riders in that range wanting a plush ride should choose the soft springs.  We can change these springs  out without too much trouble.

It is hard to get good weight info from AZUB since they don’t have a standard spec on anything. Our showroom model has a Bionx assist on it which makes ours heavier. But the elegance of the Ti-Fly, the integration of structure and suspension, suggests a lightweight full-suspension trike.

Our Price:  Varies greatly by spec, but from $6000 to $7995 covers most choices.  Note that AZUB’s website does not include shipping in their price and we must factor that in.

AZUB says:

Cutting-edge technology meets stunning shape and excellent riding properties.

tifly from rearAZUB Ti-FLY is the epitome of an intensive five-year development of our trikes. In 2015, our previous top model, the TRIcon 26 , was presented with the prestigious award “Trike of the Year 2015”, thanks to its superior workmanship, stable steering and the revolutionary design of the rear fork with a 157mm wide hub and a solid-through Syntace axle. In the Ti-FLY model, all these technical details are complemented by a unique technology of titanium front suspension, which makes it the most advanced trike in the world. Experience the comfort and amazing stability this trike offers.

The use of the grade 5 aerospace titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) has enabled us to reduce the weight by half compared to similar solutions from steel, and also to achieve a great look without having to increase weight by a paint finish. The transverse titanium leaf springs provide a comfortable 40mm travel with a progressive end and soft stop. The use of the renowned IGUS plain bearings ensures minimum need for servicing and at the same time easy serviceability. The tight fitting of connected parts and their smooth operation is guaranteed. Thanks to the transverse link of the left and right wheels with a leaf spring and its specific shape, the stabilization has been cleverly integrated directly into the springing itself. This has resulted in a sleek, high-tech and lightweight self-stabilization.

Ti-Fly X

Full suspension combined with 26″ wheels. That’s what makes our Ti-FLY X a unique machine calling for long rides that will soon become extreme. And it doesn’t really matter what you call extreme – it may be the distance cycled on a paved road, the roughness of terrain or the amount of endorphin that you produce during the ride. You can say from the first look that Ti FLY X is a special vehicle. It unites in itself all our innovative designs, our passion for traveling and love for off-road fun. Basically, it’s a synonym for extreme cycling in all its forms.

For a discussion of parts specs, see our shopping help page

Boring technical specs follow, along with our interesting comments.
Frame & Geometry
Who fits on it, where it fits.  The following is specific to the Ti-Fly, not Ti-Fly X
  • WHEELS: 2 x 20″ in front, 20″ or 26″ rear
    Choose a 20″ for compactness and maneuverability, or choose 26″ for speed
  • STEERING: indirect
    Lighter steering action, but less self-centering
  • FRAME: Aluminum, Hand welded in Czech
    And they’re damn proud of it.  Nor are they afraid to put on quaint old-world clothes and ride these things around either.
  • WELD: TIG method
    Complicated way of saying this isn’t cheap crap.
  • REAR FORK: suspended with proper shock absorber
    They appear to be snobbing elastomer suspensions here.
  • FRONT SUSPENSION: leaf spring suspension from aerospace titanium grade 5, 40mm travel
  • SEAT: Aluminum, mesh cover with passive suspension, unisize
    “passive suspension” reflects the full-sling seat design which is common to most recumbent trikes
  • OVERALL WIDTH: 835 mm
  • TRACK WIDTH: 755 mm
  • OVERALL HEIGHT: 700 mm – 820 mm (depends on seat position)
  • OVERALL LENGTH: On 26″, 1980 mm – 2230 mm (depends on boom position), and on 20″, 1850 mm – 2100 mm (depends on boom position)
  • WHEEL BASE: 1238 mm (26″), 1170mm (20″)
  • GROUND CLEARANCE: On  26″:  110 mm (30% SAG, 1,5″ tyres), and on 20″, 95 mm (30% SAG, 1,5″ tyres)
    For serious off road riding it seems like this clearance is kind of small.  The low point is at the base of the handlebars and the stem (which is inexpensive and replaceable) will take most of the abuse.
  • SEAT BOTTOM HEIGHT: 260 mm – 290 mm (30% SAG, depends on seat position)
  • SEAT ANGLE ADJUST: 34 – 52 degrees
  • BOTTOM BRACKET HEIGHT: On 26″, 440 mm – 490 mm (30% SAG, depends on boom position), and on 20″, 430 mm – 480 mm (30% SAG, depends on boom position)
  • MAX LOAD (RIDER + LUGGAGE): 125 kg
  • MAX TYRE WIDTH: 60 mm
  • OVERALL WEIGHT: depending on components and accessories
    We’ll try to get an estimate for this important figure
  • FOLDED WIDTH: 835 mm (650 mm without front wheels and mudguards)
  • FOLDED LENGTH: min. 1265 mm (26″), or 1120 mm (20″)
  • FOLDED HEIGHT: 600 mm (26″), or 530 mm (20″)  (varies by boom position)
  • EXTREME FOLDING: On 26″, min. 790 x 690 x 380mm (without front boom 610 x 690 x 380mm), or on 20″, 790 x 690 x 340mm (without front boom 610 x 690 x 340mm)
    This is an optional upgrade that let’s you compact the trike more, though it takes longer and adds slightly to the weight.

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