Catrike Dumont


The Catrike Dumont is a US-built fully-suspended folding touring trike. It features an innovative front suspension, quality parts and a value-driven price.

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Two years in production and highly anticipated, the Catrike Dumont has arrived. This trike truly has it all and, typical to Catrike, it is the best equipped and lowest cost trike in its class. It is a fully suspended trike, meaning it has suspension on all three wheels. It is hard to speak comparatively about the Dumont’s suspension if you aren’t familiar with other systems (see about ICE trike’s suspended models and the AZUB Ti-Fly).

catrike dumontNotably, the Dumont’s suspension isn’t for mountain biking. This is a road-going sports trike and the Catrike’s innovative design stays true to that. It will carve into turns and lean the frame with it. The front of the frame lifts in hard braking, improving braking power. It isn’t the smoothest over a speed bump, but it is the smoothest over chip seal, when misguided TXDoT engineers come and screw up your formerly perfect cycling route. It has the excellent RockShox Monarch rear suspension, like the Catrike Road has, standard, along will all the extra accessories, great components, and color choices, all for hundreds less than other baseline fully suspended trikes. Pair the Dumont with a Bionx election assist for a truly sublime trike.

dumont front suspension

A detail of the Dumont’s innovative front suspension. Yes, someone did install that disk rotor backwards.

Dang, but we love selling Catrike!

Our price (subject to change): $4,150

Catrike says:

All-new folding, fully suspended Catrike with a 26″ rear wheel. The silky-smooth riding characteristics and responsive handling, makes it perfect choice for any excursion

Boring technical specs from Catrike follow, with our interesting comments:
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