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The Catrike 5.5.9 is a quick folding touring trike, with Catrike’s excellent parts spec, wide color options, and value-driven price.

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The folding 5.5.9 is a folding Catrike, similar to the Trail, but it is geared for speed with a 26″ rear wheel and sits higher, using the higher handlebar set standard on the Villager. Do you need a 26″ rear wheel? If you are the sort of person who likes to get to the top of a hill and pedal down to see how fast you can go then you’ll want the higher gearing. The seat angle on the 5.5.9 adjusts from 44-51°, which is more upright than many Catrike models.  When folded, the 5.5.9 stays in one piece, with integrated dolly wheels to help you catrike 559move it in the folded position. The seat back folds forward and the rear section tucks up under the frame.

The 5.5.9. uses a 12mm thru axle to mount the rear wheel, which make the rear frame stiffer, for more confident handling through fast turns.

Our price (subject to change): $3,450

Catrike says: 

The 5.5.9 is a premium Grand Touring Catrike. Experience high performance and spirited long-distance rides with extraordinary comfort.

Boring technical specs from Catrike follow, with our interesting comments:

Frame & Geometry

Who fits on it, where it fits.

  • Wheel Base - 44 in
    the shorter this is the tighter it turns

  • Wheel Track - 29 in
    distance between the centers of the front tires

  • Total Width - 32.5 in
    how wide of a door you can get it through, but we can show you how to finagle it through a narrower one.

  • Folded Width - 32.2 in

  • Total Length - 81 in
    at middle adjustment... actual length depends on your leg length

  • Folded Length - 46 in

  • Seat Angle - 44-51 deg

  • Weight - 39.5 lbs
    out the door weight, including all parts and standard accessories

  • Seat Height - 11 in
    the distance between your patootie and the street

  • Seat Width - 14 in

  • BB Height - 14 in
    this is the height of crankset, or the pedaling assembly

  • Ground Clearance - 4 in
    if your kid brother is wider than this do not try to run him over

  • Total Height - 29 in
    check the overhead height of your storage or transport compartment...
    adjustable seats can be folded down, does not consider neckrest

  • Folded Height - 29.5 in

  • Height w/ seat folded - 26.5 in

  • Turning Circle - 18 ft

  • Turning Radius - 9 ft

  • Rider Weight Limit - 275 lbs

  • Rider X-Seam Range - 39/46 in
    This is how you know if you'll fit the trike. See our discussion here.
    If you are in the top 2" you'll need an XL boom for an extra $25.

All good quality but not fancy.

  • Brakes - Avid BB7 Disc Brakes
    the best cable-operated disk brakes on the market

  • Brake Levers - Catrike locking Brake Levers
    A simple and elegant parking brake system

  • Front Derailleur - Microshift Triple
    a brand you've never heard of, but a very reliable derailer

  • Rear Derailleur - SRAM GX 10 Speed
    wide range, smooth action, with a special doo-hickey that makes rear wheel removal easier.

  • Shifters - SRAM 500 TT Bar End Shifter
    a simple and basic bar end shifter

  • Crankset - FSA Gossamer Pro Triple
    light and stiff, with a shorter than ordinary 165mm crank arm that is better for recumbents

  • Bottom Bracket - FSA Road MegaExo
    this is a part that consumers rarely ever think about

  • Chainrings - 30/39/52
    wide range gearing with the ability to go much lower in gear

  • Chain Guard - FSA Guard
    a free accessory from Catrike that makes your cycling easier

  • Cassette - SRAM 11/36 10 Speed
    wide range gearing

  • Chain - KMC
    better quality stuff

  • Idler - TerraCycle Sport Power Idler 15T
    a subtle consideration of quality

  • Headsets - FSA Zero Stack
    another part you probably never think about

  • Front Tires - 406 Schwalbe Marathon Racer
    better than your standard stock tire

  • Rear Tire - 559 Schwalbe Marathon Racer
    better than your standard stock tire

Standard Features

Cool stuff that is built in

  • Padded Seat - Cushion sticks on to the seat mesh for extra comfort.

  • Ergonomic adjustable seat back - choose a recline angle that's right for you.

  • Roller wheels for rolling when folded - let's you move the folded trike without picking it up

  • Padded wrist rest - another comfortable point of contact with your ride

  • Rear Fender - Keeps the mud off your back. This isn't about riding in the rain, this is about riding after the rain.

  • Flag Mount & Flag - Not a really fancy flag, but free

  • Mirrycle Rear View Mirror - A quality bicycle mirror, left side. Comes with free mirror mount that serves as a good place to mount a cycling computer as well.

  • Multi Purpose Clipless Pedals - So many brands don't even supply pedals with their trikes. Catrike gives you a good pair. You will want some kind of foot retention on a trike.

  • Computer Sensor Mount - This doo-hickey lets you count front wheel rotations to measure your speed and distance

  • Locking Brake Levers for Parking - Both brake levers have a button that locks the lever down so your trike won't roll away.

  • No Brake Steer - Well, kinda. You can brake fairly hard on just one front wheel without fishtailing. Don't push it.

  • Self Centering - You can pick your nose using both hands and your trike won't drive off the road.

  • Ackerman Steering Compensation - Their way of saying their trikes handle real nice.

  • Structural Front Boom - The boom is the nose of the frame, up where the pedals are. It is subject to flex under pedaling force, but Catrike adds internal structure to the boom to resist this.

  • Quick-Release Indexing Boom Clamp - Makes leg length adjustment easier.

  • Aluminium Rod Ends - The steering rod has ball joints on its ends, and those are made of aluminum to save weight.

  • Low Friction PTFE Flared Chain Tube - The chain runs through some tubes to protect the frame and your pants, and that tube is slick to resist friction.

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